The Best Off-White Paint Colors From ​​Benjamin Moore

When you’re choosing new paint colors for your home, an off-white wall color may be at the top of your list—with so many versatile off-white paint colors to choose from, they’re a great way to add depth and interest to your home! Our extensive selection of Benjamin Moore white paint colors makes it easy to find the right shade for your home.

Unlike pure white, off-white wall paint colors are actually very pale shades of warm cream, cool gray, or neutral greige. These soft whites help provide subtle complexity and highlight architectural details. To help you choose your new favorite white paint, we’ve curated this off-white color guide—with lots of photos for design inspiration!

Benjamin Moore’s top off white paint colorsBenjamin Moore’s top off white paint colors

Benjamin Moore’s Most Popular Off-White

White Dove OC-17

Benjamin Moore Dove White on wall, trim, and fireplaceBenjamin Moore Dove White on wall, trim, and fireplace

Benjamin Moore’s long-time most post popular off white is White Dove. A smooth, classic off white with barely-there gray undertones. It’s a rich, complex white that will warm up a bit under certain lighting conditions, but its gray base helps keep it from appearing too yellow. White Dove is an excellent choice for any room throughout the home, as well as bath and kitchen cabinets.

The Best Warm Off-White Paint Colors By Benjamin Moore

Warm off-white paint colors may have yellow, green, or even orange undertones. These slight nuances of color help to warm up a space, and may even be used to counteract cool tones in furniture, fabrics and area rugs.

Benjamin Moore Seapearl on living room walls

Seapearl OC-19

Seapearl is a soft, warm greige with subtle hints of gray undertones. A close cousin to Benjamin Moore’s popular Pale Oak, Seapearl offers a lighter alternative that makes an elegant pairing with warm accents and natural textures.

Benjamin Moore Silver Satin in a kitchen

Silver Satin OC-26

One of the most neutral warm whites is Silver Satin, which has undertones often described as “pale greige”. Greige has gray in it, which Silver Satin expresses through a hint of purple undertone that keeps it from looking too creamy. A perfect companion to marble countertops, it’s a changeable off-white wall paint that feels warm, but may turn cool on a cloudy day or in north-facing rooms.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White in a kitchen

Cloud White OC-30

A more reliably warm off-white is Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White. This bright white has slightly yellow undertones that are more likely to appear in sunlit spaces. It offers a clean, white look that won’t take on a cool cast on gray days.

Benjamin Moore Atrium White in an entryway

Atrium White OC-145

If you’re looking for a richer, more complex warm white, try Atrium White. It has complex undertones of pink that give it an Old-World feel, without being overtly yellow. It’s a wonderful choice for an all-over white, but keep in mind that it may take on a pink cast if it’s located beside a bright green or yellow.

Benjamin Moore Linen White in a dining room

Linen White 912

Classic warm whites have yellow undertones that are easy to see. Linen White has a creamy richness that adds vintage charm and warms up large spaces like this living room.

Benjamin Moore Mayonnaise in an entryway

Mayonnaise OC-25

Yellow undertones can range from creamy beige to sunny yellow-green; when an off-white has more yellow and less beige in it, you get the crisp yellow-ness of Benjamin Moore’s Mayonnaise.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee in a bedroom

Swiss Coffee OC-45

By contrast, Swiss Coffee has fewer yellow-green undertones than Mayonnaise. It’s a true warm white that works nicely for walls or trim; in warm sunlight it will appear more creamy white than yellow. Swiss Coffee is a cozy, warm white that’s nice for bedrooms and living rooms.

Room painted in Benjamin Moore Maritime White

Maritime White 963

For an off-white with fewer yellow undertones that still has a creamy, warm look, check out Maritime White. It has mellow brown undertones so it’s less bright than Swiss Coffee and has the depth and richness of an antique piece of ivory.

Bathroom painted in Benjamin Moore Ballet White

Ballet White OC-9

Ballet White is a deeper off-white that has a modern feel; it has yellow and also brown undertones that make it appear more greige than cream. This versatile color also changes with the daylight, appearing warm in sunny rooms and greige when the day is cloudy. It’s a great neutral for open plan homes too.

The Best Cool Off-Whites by Benjamin Moore

Ever since shades of gray became the most popular interior design colors, white paint selections have leaned towards cool tones as well. Cool whites won’t look yellow when paired with a gray wall color, and they provide a reliably crisp white shade.

Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White in a dining room

Decorator's White OC-149

Decorator’s White is just as the name suggests, a favorite of interior designers for both walls and trim. This slightly-cool off-white looks like a bright white when used as a trim for gray walls.

Walls in Benjamin Moore Frostline

Frostine AF-5

Frostine is a frosty white that’s a great color for architectural trim and paneling, especially in a home with a cool-toned palette. It has blue-green undertones that help it maintain a cool demeanor in any situation.

Dining room in Benjamin Moore Paper White

Paper White OC-55

If you’re looking for a cool off-white to unify an open plan home, Paper White is a great option. It has distinctly cool undertones, but a hint of green keeps it from turning cold in a dark room. Pair it with Benjamin Moore’s Super White trim for a serene, modern interior.

Bedroom in Benjamin Moore White Wisp

White Wisp OC-54

The distinctly gray undertones of White Wisp add a modern touch to open plan homes. This cool, refreshing gray contains some blue to help it maintain its cool even in warm, South-facing rooms. White Wisp has just enough tint to create contrast between the walls and ceiling in this bedroom.

Benjamin Moore Moonshine on a child’s playroom wall

Moonshine OC-56

Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine is another cool-hued off-white paint color. It’s a versatile shade that usually has a gray appearance, which is enhanced on gray days and in North-facing rooms. It does contain a hint of green undertone, so in warm lighting it can appear neutral and less gray. However it’s still a predominantly cool shade of white, so don’t expect it to lean greige. Moonshine is a cool neutral that makes an ideal backdrop for furniture and art.

Wall in Mirage White

Mirage White 2116-70

Mirage White is a cool off white with distinct undertones of gray and violet. It’s a gorgeous, velvety color that can balance the moodiness of a deeper gray color like Stonington Gray, or add a soothing hint of lavender to spaces with greens and blues.

Neutral Off White Colors

Neutral off-white colors are the most versatile, because they have neither cool nor warm undertones. They’re often used as trim colors because their neutral tones don’t influence the appearance of nearby colors.

Living room in Benjamin Moore Simply White

Simply White OC-117

Simply White is another neutral white that works beautifully for both walls and trim. Using a matte finish on the walls and a semi-gloss or glossy finish on the trim creates contrast in a white-on-white scheme.

Hallway in Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Classic Gray OC-23

Classic Gray is a darker off-white that’s perfect for creating slight contrast between walls and trim. It has warm undertones, but also contains some purple which helps it maintain a distinctly neutral cast in different types of lighting. Classic Gray is a favorite of interior designers for open plan homes and traditional interiors.

Benjamin Moore White Heron in a kitchen

White Heron OC-57

White Heron—also known by the name Oxford White—is another bright off-white that has cool undertones. Even in a sunny room, it’s reliably white, since its blue undertones help to counteract the yellow rays of late afternoon sun. It’s a popular color for both walls and trim in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

Since off white paint colors are actually shades of white with specific undertones, there aren’t as many neutral whites as you might expect. Most interior color schemes will use a white that has distinctly cool or warm undertones, to compliment the other colors in the room.

Remember, the most important step in choosing an off-white paint color is to order samples of several shades and try them in your home.

Buy a Benjamin Moore White Paint Sample

Try our favorite designer tip for testing paint swatches in the home; paint a large poster board using a Benjamin Moore paint color sample; then move it around the room to observe the color on different walls and in different lighting conditions. To learn more about testing paint samples, be sure to read How to Test Paint Samples the Interior Designer’s Way.

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Want to keep exploring the world of off-whites?

What Makes a Paint Color Off White


While bright whites tend to read as pure neutrals, off-white paint colors have more distinct undertones that make the paint look either warm, neutral or cool depending on the lighting conditions. These hints of color show up once the paint is on the wall and make the paint color unique.

Warm vs. Cool Undertones in White Paint ColorsWarm vs. Cool Undertones in White Paint Colors


Paint color brightness is measured on a scale of 1-100 with a value called LRV (Light Reflectance Value). If a white paint color has an LRV higher than 90, it is likely to appear close to a pure white; the lower the LRV, the more off-white the color will appear and the stronger the undertones will come through.

What’s the best off-white for your walls?

Whether you choose a warm or cool off-white paint color depends on the architectural style of your home and your personal taste.

Benjamin Moore Ballet White OC-9 exterior paint on a Craftsman style bungalow

Warm white paint colors are often used in traditional architecture to add a sense of history and highlight interesting details:

BM White Dove OC-17 in a renovated mid-century home

Cool off-white wall paint is popular in mid-century homes because it updates tired, dark interiors to look fresh, bright, and modern.

Modern farmhouse living room in Benjamin Moore Pale Oak OC-20

Modern farmhouse interiors might use cool gray-whites to help create a minimalist look, or greige tones for cozy, warm interiors.

Before you head to the paint store, consider the style of your home, your interior colors, and whether your spaces have a lot of natural light. If you like warm color combinations like beige, yellow, rust and green, then a warm off-white might be best. If your home is decorated with cool shades like gray, black, blue, or teal, check out the cool-toned white paint colors. Neutral shades of white are also very popular for interior paint, so be sure to include one or two in your paint sample order. It’s well worth investing your time in the paint selection process, so you can find the perfect off-white wall color for your home.