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Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball Paint Mixing
Craftsmen in Paint and Paper

The Unique Look of Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball began its journey in paint in 1946 overseas in Dorset, England. Farrow & Ball is dedicated to creating richly pigmented paint and handcrafted wallpaper using only the finest quality ingredients.

Their paint products are crafted with a blend of up to five pigments for finish deep in color, which responds to light, thereby shifting the color and mood of a room throughout the day. Farrow & Ball paints provide a solution for most paint projects, interior, and exterior alike, as their 132-color palette comes in a variety of distinct finishes, all water-based, eco-friendly, and low VOC.

All Farrow & Ball colors and finishes are available in 24 hours.

Farrow & Ball wall coverings are handcrafted using high-quality paper sourced from sustainable forests. As such, their premium paint creates a durable and beautiful product to be enjoyed for years in your home.

Ring's End Design Centers have an expansive selection of designer paint, fabric, and wallpaper brands. You will also find a full-time Color & Design Consultant available for both in-store and in-home consultations. Our experts are here to assist you in every step of the design process, from helping you choose the most suitable colors and finishes to beyond. In short, our Design Centers provide the very best design capabilities with the superior service you expect from Ring's End.

Livingroom painted in scotch blue

How Light Affects Colour

Farrow & Ball paint has an extraordinary response to light and will change as exposure meets the paint. By paying attention to the direction the room faces — north, south, east, or west — you can determine which colors and tones best complement your décor.

Northern light brings out a color's cool tones. As such, it is important to avoid anything with a green or grey base. Warmer, yellow-based colors will encourage light to bounce around the room. Another option is embracing the cooler light that northern exposure brings to create a cozy, comforting space with darker hues, such as Down Pipe or Railings.

Spaces with southern exposure have the potential to be light-filled all day, which makes it easier to choose wallpaper or Farrow & Ball paint colors. Soft, pale tones maximize the feeling of light; a bright white on the trim will bring forth a crisp, fresh look.
For a sense of calm, blues such as Pavilion Blue and Borrowed Light both work exceedingly well. For a warmer feel, red-based neutrals such as Joa’s White and Dimity are excellent choices.

When decorating a west- or east-facing room, it’s useful to consider when you use it the most often. Light in west-facing spaces is cooler in the morning but brighter in the afternoon.
The opposite is true for east-facing rooms, where light blues and greens can have a beautifully soft and calming effect. You may also want to consider Farrow & Ball paints like Pale Powder or Teresa’s Green, both of which retain some warmth when transitioning into the evening.
In west-facing rooms, the warm tones of Middleton Pink or Smoked Trout paints are excellent options for making the most of strong, late afternoon light.

Farrow & Ball Paint Finishes

Estate® Emulsion is Farrow & Ball's signature English paint, with its chalky, very matte finish. Carefully crafted to give a flatter finish, its 2% sheen level responds extraordinarily well to all types of light. Estate Emulsion is a sophisticated choice for interior walls and ceilings — perfectly suited for less busy areas such as bedrooms and living rooms.

What's more, Estate Emulsion paints are available in 148 colors, allowing you to complement the existing palette of your home. For added convenience, Estate Emulsion dries quickly in just two hours’ time. You'll also appreciate that this paint is wipeable and easy to clean. The water-based content of Estate Emulsion is safe for children and has a low odor.

If you are painting a bathroom or kitchen, the popular Modern Emulsion is among our finest interior paints. The 7% sheen and matt finish provide the perfect balance of light and softness, while the durability ensures a long-lasting experience.

Modern Emulsion offers a number of benefits, like resistance to scuffs and stains. This ensures that your place will remain looking its absolute best, year after year. And thanks to Modern Emulsion's mold-resistant composition, you never have to worry about mildew.
As one of Farrow & Ball's most versatile English paints, Modern Emulsion will help you establish the perfect look and feel in your home. Plus, you can look forward to easy cleaning, as this timeless paint is both washable and wipeable.

Modern Emulsion may also be combined with Modern Eggshell to help give your trim and cabinetry a subtle transition from matt walls and mid-sheen woodwork. This is just one of the many popular creative methods you can take advantage of with Farrow & Ball paints.

Estate® Eggshell is as robust as it is beautiful, providing a subtle finish for interior wood and metal. This low 20% sheen finish has a high resistance to a wide variety of stains, including wine, coffee, and crayon. Plus, it's an ideal way to update woodwork, kitchen cupboards, furniture pieces, and even radiators.
Estate Eggshell is among the many exceptional paints offered by the English company, Farrow & Ball. From start to finish, Estate Eggshell allows for easy cleaning. Warm and soapy water is all you need to clean your brushes. And once Estate Eggshell dries, it becomes both washable and wipeable.
You'll love the silk finish that this eco-friendly color provides. It's also low VOC and low odor. As such, it's safe for children. Estate Eggshell dries quickly in only two hours, and you'll be able to recoat in two hours, as well.

Give your home a stunning new makeover with this richly versatile paint. Modern Eggshell is the toughest of Farrow & Ball's traditional paints, as it offers a durable experience that works to stand the test of time.

You'll be able to easily transform your kitchen cabinetry, skirting boards, stairs, floors, and other hardworking interior wood or metal surfaces with the help of Modern Eggshell. Its 40% sheen affords you a slightly glossier alternative to Estate Eggshell, making it the perfect paint for surfaces new and old.

Farrow & Ball excels in paints, both modern and traditional, with Modern Eggshell being one of the most popular offered by the English company. If you want to plan your next project, start by visiting Ring's End online. It's the perfect place to help you choose the right paint.
And thanks to Modern Eggshell's extensive palette, you may pick from 148 unique colors to find the one you like best. For further assistance, visiting our Design Center affords you services like our Color & Design Consultant.

We are the name you can trust to guide you every step of the way. We'll show you how to get the most from Modern Eggshell to maximize your home, ensuring high appeal and new character throughout.

Farrow & Ball’s Full Gloss is noted as the glossiest finish offered by the English company. Full gloss is also the glossiest finish on the market, as it produces a wonderfully reflective 95% sheen for a truly dramatic statement.

Since 1946, Farrow & Ball has created a stunning variety of paints. But it is Full Gloss that offers some of the highest versatility available. With this paint, you get a water-resistant formula that is adverse to flaking and peeling.

Today, you expect to get more from your paint, and that's precisely what the Dorset, England company of Farrow & Ball delivers. That's why Ring's End is proud to offer this English paint. Farrow & Ball set the foundation for what great paint is supposed to be, and we carry that tradition to this day.

Moreover, Full Gloss ensures no color fade for up to six years. And because it has such high durability, Full Gloss is perfect for wood, walls, and metal. Plus, you may even use Full Gloss both inside and out. That's the kind of quality you can account for when you invest in Farrow & Ball paints.

Color Books

Create your own Unique Look with Farrow and Ball:

Farrow & Ball colors have been created with care and thought to ensure they work beautifully either alone or as part of an existing scheme in homes both old and new. If you need assistance getting paint that is close to an existing scheme, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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Our services are available to ensure that you have a satisfactory experience with Ring's End. Our craftsmen carry on the traditional methods set forth by the original Dorset, England company of Farrow & Ball.