Benjamin Moore Linen White Review & Inspiration

What We Love About Linen White 912

Linen White is a classic - a soft, creamy off-white with just a hint of yellow that’s perfect for sunny rooms. It adds warmth to large spaces and works beautifully in older homes where it highlights a sense of age. Linen White walls make an ideal backdrop for interior woodwork; a white trim color stands out crisply against off-white walls in Linen White. A distinctive off-white, Linen White has the yellowy richness of antique linen sheets that have been well-laundered and loved for decades. Part of the Benjamin Moore Off-White Collection, Linen White is a neutral paint color that warms up small spaces and gives plain white rooms a subtly sunny atmosphere.

Linen White Is A Uniquely Sunny Off-White

Linen White has both beige and yellow undertones, giving it a distinctly warm cast. The beige tones help to keep Linen White firmly in the off-white category. While it isn’t yellow enough to be considered a true cream color, it is a warm shade in most spaces.

This distinctive off-white will make South and West-facing rooms feel more sunny and warm, a welcome feature in cold climates. If you live in a hot climate, you’ll probably prefer a cooler white. North-facing rooms may lack the natural light to bring out Linen White’s sunny demeanor, so be sure to test a paint swatch at home before making your selection.

Inspiring Rooms Painted In Linen White

Linen White’s vintage feel and rich undertones make it ideal for historic homes and cozy spaces. It’s the perfect warm off-white for walls that have dark wood trim, or use it as a trim color in a historic palette with earthy tones like terracotta red or dark green.

Source: Warner Walker Architects

Source: Warner Walker Architects

Create contrast in an all-white space by pairing Linen White walls with a brighter white (like Benjamin Moore’s White Dove) for cabinetry and millwork.

Source: Dresser Homes

Source: Dresser Homes

Linen White’s cream undertones are the perfect backdrop for elegant furnishings and art:

Source: Ballard Designs

Source: Ballard Designs

Rich Linen White walls have a cozy look when paired with historic colors like this cool aqua:

Source: Wright Builders

Source: Wright Builders

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