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Contsturction Safety Work Gloves FAQs

What are work gloves for?

Work gloves can protect your hands and fingers from cuts, splinters, blisters, heat burns, and chemical burns. As hand injuries are extremely common in many workplaces, safety gloves are a vital piece of protective equipment.

How do I choose the right work gloves?

The key to finding the right pair of work gloves is to match their material with your job. If you are landscaping, doing metal work, or working with tools, the best materials are puncture-proof and cut-resistant. For construction or yard work, the material needs to be durable and impact-proof. If you're working with liquids and chemicals, look for gloves that provide good grip, are waterproof, and protect against chemical burns. If you're going to wear gloves for long periods, it's also important they are sized correctly. To find your size, measure the circumference of your palm in inches.

How long should work gloves last?

It's hard to provide a definitive answer on how long work gloves last. A lot depends on the application and how often you are performing it. Many workers rely on visual inspection as a sign to change their gloves. However, a well-worn, cut-resistant glove can easily lose 25% of it's protective functionality if changed too late. Ultimately, it should be up to the workplace to provide guidelines for how long gloves should last.

What are coated fabric gloves used for?

Coated fabric gloves protect your hands and fingers from punctures, cuts, and chemicals. They are for "general use" and come with different types of coatings such as Nitrile, PVC, and Polyurethane.

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