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Paint Tools & Supplies

All The Paint Supplies & Equipment You Need!

Making sure you have the right paint tools and supplies is as important as getting the right paint. Ring's End has everything you need to prepare and protect your surfaces for painting. We also have a wide range of the best paint brushes and rollers for the perfect finish. Here are some of our essential painting supplies that can help your project go smoothly.

Paint Brushes & Rollers - Ring's End has paint brushes of all sizes - from 1" to 4" and above. We also have different paint rollers in materials like foam, mohair, and microfiber from 3" to over 18" in length.

Plastic Paint Sheeting can ensure all your flooring, furniture, and appliances are protected while you paint.

Respirators and masks for painting can keep you safe from harmful fumes - especially if you're painting inside in an enclosed space. We also stock 3M painting goggles, too.

Masking Paper, Tape & Film help protect your floors and other areas you want to keep free from paint.

Paint tools like paint scrapers, drywall knives, and mixing sticks can help your painting project go without a hitch. Ring's End has paint tools from the best brands including 3M, GForce, and Hyde in stock now!

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