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Hand Tools

Hand Tools For All Your Home Improvement Needs!

At Ring's End, we have a wide-selection of hand tools from the world's best brands. You'll find tools from Dewalt, Stanley, Seymour, Irwin, and many more. Here are just a selection of the high-quality hand tools we supply.


People are often amazed by the many different types of saws available. However, choosing the right one can help you cut lumber and complete DIY projects much quicker.


Hammers are another hand tool that have a surprising amount of variety. At Ring’s End, you can find sledge hammersnailing hammersdrilling hammers and more.


Screwdrivers are essential hand tools and you can find screwdrivers of all shapes at sizes at Ring's End. We also sell Screwdriver sets so you'll always have the right tool for the job.


A good wrench can make all the difference when you're working on a car or need to fix a leaking pipe quickly. We have a great selection of wrenches including adjustable pipe wrencheslocking wrenches, and combination wrench sets.

Striking & Cutting Hand Tools

Whether your stripping cable or chopping down a tree, find the best tool for the job in our striking and cutting tools collection.

Clamps and Vices

Clamps and vices are essential hand tools that everyone should have in their workshop or garage. You can find a great selection in our store including heavy-duty workshop viceswoodworkers vicesone-hand bar clamps, and much more!

Fastening Tools

If you want to install some decking, roofing, or your DIY project needs reliable fasteners, we've got your covered. Our range of heavy-duty fastening tools includes hammer tackersstaple guns, and deck fastening systems.

Special Offers
We regularly have special offers on many hand tools, so check today and grab a bargain!

Hand Tools FAQ

What are the basic hand tools?

A good shortlist of basic hand tools would include a claw hammer, adjustable wrench, multi-bit screwdriver, pliers, handsaw, folding hex key set, tape measure, and a flashlight.

Which hand tool is best?

The best hand tool will depend on the specific application that you are performing. A carpenter wouldn't be without a saw, and a mechanic wouldn't be without a wrench!

How can I write my name in tools?

Contractors and DIY enthusiasts have lots of different ways of writing their names on their tools. Some of these include using engraving tools, fluorescent tape, Wite-Out, and even nail varnish!

What tool can I use to cut drywall?

The tools you can use to cut drywall include a jab saw, utility knife, and a drywall circle cutter. All of these tools are relatively cheap and create little dust. However, the one tool many people choose is the utility knife as it's easy to use.

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