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Patch, Caulk & Sealants

Patch it, caulk it, and seal it at Ring's End!

For most home improvement projects, you'll likely need some caulk or sealant. They invaluable for sealing gaps and cracks in many places including plumbing pipes, doors, and windows.

Read on to learn how to caulk like a pro!

Types of Caulk

The main types of caulk are latex, silicone and acrylic caulk.

Latex caulk can be painted on so it's often used on baseboards and crown mouldings.

Silicone caulking has elastic properties so it can be used in wet areas and on cracks that may change in size. This makes it an excellent choice in kitchens and bathrooms.

Acrylic caulk is similar to silicone but it’s not water-resistant. However, as it can be painted on it's used for masonry, glass, wood and plaster.

Caulking Tips

1. Choose the right caulk for the job

It's important to choose the right type of caulk for your particular surface. Silicone is great for wet areas, latex for dry areas, and acrylic for the outside.

2. Clean the surface and remove old caulk

Remove any old caulk with a scraper or a caulk removal tool. This will give you a flat, airtight finish that looks great.

3. Prep With Painter's Tape

Use blue painter's tape to mask the edge of the joint that you are caulking. Press down hard to seal the edges so nothing can get beneath the tape.

4. Apply The Caulk

Try to choose a caulk gun that can snip off and puncture the top of the tube. This saves the hassle of finding an appropriate knife or a piece of wire to do the job.

Apply the caulk at a 45-degree angle and squeeze forcefully to fill the joint.

5. Clean The Joint

Using water (for latex caulk) or rubbing alcohol (for silicone caulk), smooth down the taped area from one end to the other. Use a rag or a piece of cloth and apply light pressure.

6. Remove The Tape

Finally, remember to remove the tape at an angle - not in the same direction as the joint!

For any caulking project inside or outside of your home, Ring's End has got you covered!

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