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The Best Nail Guns & Pneumatic Staplers For Your Needs!

Nail guns are tools designed for one specific job - driving nails into wood. They do it much quicker than a hammer, with much greater accuracy, and are a lot safer.

With all the different types of nail guns/nailers on the market, it’s easy to get confused. To help you find the best nailer for your project, here’s a quick overview.

Types of Nail Guns / Nailers

There are 6 main types of nail guns and they are used for different kind of jobs.

Framing Nailers are used for larger projects because they’re quick and powerful. As the name implies, they’re ideal for framing but also great for fencing, decking, roofing, and sub-flooring. They use larger nails up to .131” in diameter and measuring up to 3-½” in length.

Flooring Nailers help you nail down hardwood flooring and driving in nail cleats quickly and easily. There are two types of flooring nailers: Manual floor nailers which you strike with a hammer, and Pneumatic Nailers which are powered by air compressors.

Roofing Nailers help you install shingles, insulation boards, and tar paper to roofs. They drive thick, wide-head coil nails to help make everything safe and secure.

Brad Nailers use very small nails that are essential for light-duty woodworking projects, furniture, and upholstery installation. A Brad Nailer uses headless nails and is not suitable for hardwoods.

Finishing Nailers are used for light interior work such as fastening crown molding, trim, and baseboard. Like a Brad Nailer, they also use headless nails so aren’t recommended for heavy-duty work.

Pneumatic Staple Guns

Pneumatic Staple Guns are used when your project needs a lot of long staples. This makes these staplers ideal for repairing upholstery, installing carpeting and laminate flooring, and attaching plywood backing.

Nail Gun Power Sources

In addition to choosing the right type of nail gun, you also need to consider if it has the right power source for your job.

Gas-Powered Nail Guns are the variety to use for heavy-duty applications. They have a small gas canister which loads compressed gas into the gun. When you pull the trigger, the gas ignites in the combustion chamber and drives in the nail.

Pneumatic Nail Guns use pressurized air from an air compressor. When you pull the trigger on a pneumatic nailer, the pressurized air forces down a piston which drives home the nail. Using an air hose with an air compressor is advised for better mobility.

Cordless Nail Guns are battery-powered and a lot more portable than other types. However, they usually aren’t as powerful as gas or compressed air and only suitable for lighter jobs.

Bump/Bounce or Sequential Firing Methods

Nail guns have two firing modes - Bump Firing (also called “Bounce Firing”) or Sequential Firing.

Bump firing allows you to fire many nails quickly. This is useful for when you’re working on a large area and don’t require a fine degree of accuracy.

Sequential firing is slower and more precise. It also lessens the risk of firing a nail accidentally.

The Best Nail Gun & Pneumatic Stapler Brands at Ring’s End

At Ring’ End, you can find the best nail guns from brands like Bostich, Hitachi, SENCO and many more available online or in one of our stores.

If you’re still uncertain which is the best nailer for your requirements, please contact us.