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Post Caps can add the finishing touches to your Deck or Fencing

Whether renovating your current deck, building a new one or need a replacement piece for your fence posts, there's a great-looking Ring's End post cap to complement all sorts of design styles. Post caps are an easy way to communicate your personality, and Ring's End gives you plenty of options today in materials such as Cedar/Copper, Virgin Vinyl, Western Red Cedar, Copper, and Ipe.

We offer post caps in various sizes, styles, and a color to match your deck or porch. We have options from some great brand names like Nantucket, Woodway, and others.

Our post caps also offer a perfect fit, and you can install most of our post caps simply by applying exterior-grade silicone adhesive to the post cap's underside and positioning it over the post. The post cap will then protect the top of the wood post from insects and elements.

Our Post Caps Pass the Test of Time

For example, western red cedar has a reputation for resisting mold and mildew that does not vary. That's because its low density makes it less likely to swell, warp, or twist when compared to other types of wood.

The amount of sunlight the wood gets may vary based on the location of the deck. Nonetheless, the post caps are installed horizontally on top of the post, so they receive the most sun exposure. For that reason, you should treat the cedar post caps and all wood post caps, for that matter.

Use Metal Post Caps to Deliver Protection and Luster

Because they are durable and non-corrosive, copper post caps offer protection to your wooden posts with a classic design. Woodway's stylish copper-clad designs vary in brilliance depending on whether they reflect the sun of the day, the half-light at dusk, or the moon at night. Use a clear-coat enamel to maintain the copper luster.

These slip-over post caps are available in 4" x 4" and 6" x 6" at affordable prices. See the images today for more information.

Our 100% Copper Pyramid Post Cap Fits 5" x 5" Wood Post

The Jaki Jorg copper post cap slips over a wooden fence post. They come with screws for easy mounting and are available today in 4" x 4" and 5" x 5" styles. All our copper post caps provide complete protection by preventing the ''end grain'' of the wood post from deteriorating.

These items are 100% copper, the thickest you can buy today, and they will eventually patina over to a green, antique color, beautifully enhancing the light of day shining on them.

Copper lasts a lifetime and never needs maintenance. Check out the Jaki Jorg images, prices, and other information, including our many other great services.

The Life of Ipe Wood Post Caps Can Vary Based on Location, but it is Usually Very Long

Contractors use Ipe wood because of its strong resistance to weather day in and day out. In addition to post caps, its applications include deck flooring, railings, and fencing.

Ipe earned a top durability rating of 25 years because of its services in the harsh environment of the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Our Nantucket Ipe post caps have an inside width of 3½" x 3½" for a perfect fit for a 4" x 4" standard wood post.

Ring's End Post Caps Deliver a Perfect Fit Every Time

Nantucket western red cedar post caps fit standard 4" x 4" and 6" x 6" wood posts. They come in various styles, including Federal, Island, Pyramid, and Harbor, and can be either slip-over or non-slip-over styles.

The non-slip-over post cap is designed to sit on top of a nominal 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" wood post, while the slip-over styles deliver a perfect fit over a 4" x 4" or 6" x 6" post.

Who Carries a Complete Line of Post Caps for a Deck or Porch?

Ring's End carries the top brands of the day in the styles you want, and at the prices you can afford. Choose from our Nantucket, Woodway, Jaki Jorg, and Illusions. After you have submitted your order, expect the best services available. Click on any of the images below for more information!

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Post Caps

These moulded objects can ‘top off’ deck or fence posts, adding visual impact and definition to a railing system. They can also be equipped with lighting, either hardwired or solar.

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