Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Review & Inspiration

What We Love About Swiss Coffee OC-45

Swiss Coffee is a creamy white that has a welcoming softness and low-key elegance. Warm undertones make it well-suited to traditional interiors and color palettes. It adds warmth and richness to large, open spaces so it’s an ideal choice for a unifying wall color throughout the home. Design professionals love using it for both kitchen cabinets and wall paint because it adds instant character and charm. Swiss Coffee is part of the Benjamin Moore Off-White collection, a nuanced collection of sophisticated and versatile white paint colors.

Swiss Coffee Has Distinctly Warm Undertones

Swiss Coffee is a rich and complex warm white with green, gray, and yellow undertones. Does Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee look yellow? In certain lighting situations, the yellow undertones may pop out, especially beside a strong blue or blue-green color like Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue or Hale Navy. However, those gray-green undertones keep Swiss Coffee firmly in the white color family; it’s neither yellow nor greige.

With a light reflectance value or LRV of 83.93, Swiss Coffee is considered an off-white, not a true white. In rooms with a lot of natural light Swiss Coffee’s gentle undertones change with the light to add interest throughout the day. In a very bright room, it will appear more white. To bring out this color’s warm undertones, use it in a North-facing room or one with less natural light. If you prefer a more crisp white that has similar complex undertones, check out Benjamin Moore’s White Dove with its slightly brighter LRV of 85.38.

Where To Use BM Swiss Coffee Paint Color

Swiss Coffee is a perfect interior paint color if you’re planning a DIY update of your home. It goes especially well with dark furnishings and earthy colors like terra cotta and brown. Combine Swiss Coffee white walls with a true white trim color (such as Benjamin Moore Simply White) to bring out the warm undertones and create a slight contrast. Keep in mind that placing it next to a cool white (like Paper White) or a pure white (like Chantilly Lace) can make Swiss Coffee appear creamy yellow.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee living room wall, Simply White trim, and Light Pewter on the stair wall.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee living room wall, Simply White trim, and Light Pewter on the stair wall.

In a home with traditional moldings and wainscoting, Swiss Coffee adds extra dimension and warmth to woodwork, making new construction homes feel like they’ve been there for years.

Mudroom in Swiss Coffee, by Whitten Architects

Mudroom in Swiss Coffee, Whitten Architects

White kitchens can sometimes appear cold and unwelcoming, especially if they have gray-toned marble and stainless steel. This soft white is ideal for warming them up since creamy white paint gives kitchen cabinets an instant vintage feel.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and Yarmouth Blue kitchen

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee and Yarmouth Blue Kitchen

Swiss Coffee instantly adds a cozy, vintage vibe to coastal-style home decor. If you want to enhance its lovely creamy undertones, use Swiss Coffee in the cool light of North-facing rooms or pair it with a cool color, like this ceiling in Benjamin Moore Bird’s Egg.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee walls with Bird’s Egg blue ceiling in bedroom

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee walls with Bird’s Egg blue ceiling in the bedroom

As an exterior paint color, Swiss Coffee’s warm undertones complement dark wood and stone detailing beautifully. Stucco painted in Swiss Coffee combines with a front door in Benjamin Moore’s Marshlands to create a cozy and inviting porch:

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee exterior paint

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee exterior paint

Other Benjamin Moore Paint Colors You May Like

What colors go best with Swiss Coffee?

If you want a little warmth and sophistication, Swiss Coffee might be the right white to anchor your interior design scheme. It’s an inviting neutral for the living room and dining room; choose a durable eggshell finish for these busy areas. For a deeper neutral companion shade, look for classic tans like Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige or a warm gray like Collingwood.

Adjoining rooms will feel cozy, yet cool in shades like Benjamin Moore’s Wythe BluePalladian Blue, and Beach Glass. Blue-greens bring out the warm undertones of Swiss Coffee, but be aware that a true blue like Hale Navy or a cool gray like Stonington Gray will make the yellow undertones pop out. A nature-inspired color palette works best with Swiss Coffee; choose rich, earthy companion shades like Benjamin Moore Baked Terra Cotta, Aegean Teal, and Guilford Green.

Color palette for Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Color palette for Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

What Benjamin Moore color is similar to Swiss Coffee?

Benjamin Moore has an extensive collection of off-white colors, so there are similar colors to choose from. You may need to try several samples before you find the right paint. For a brighter white that still has warm yellow undertones, check out Benjamin Moore Simply White. We’ve already mentioned White Dove, which has a higher LRV; it’s more like an alabaster white that can be relied upon not to look yellow. If you like the warmth of Swiss Coffee but it looks washed out on your walls then consider Pale Oak, which is dark enough to appear beige with its LRV of around 70.

Buy A Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore Paint Sample

Off-white paint colors are susceptible to shifts in an undertone that could make them appear cooler or warmer depending on the lighting conditions and time of day. We recommend testing a sample of Swiss Coffee and any other options you’re considering before deciding on your final choice.

Our favorite designer tip for an easy way to test paint swatches on multiple walls in your house is to paint a large poster board using a Benjamin Moore half-pint paint color sample; then move it around the room to observe the color on different walls and in different lighting conditions.