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Get The Right Fastener For Any Job!

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, you'll love the range of fasteners we have at Ring's End.

However, with all the different fasteners available, sometimes it's hard finding the right one for your job. To help, here's a quick breakdown of the most common types.

Nails are a common fastener that can be used for wood framing, roofing, and many other kinds of structural work. We stock a range of high-quality nails from brands like Dewalt, Bostitch, Simpson Strong-Tie and more!

Screws are essential for holding things together. We stock different kinds of screws for wood, masonry, metal, and many other materials.

From screws for gates, fences, and decks, to connector screws designed to replace nails, you'll find what you need at Ring's End.

Bolts do the hard work of keeping things together. We have bolts that can fasten metal to timber, foundation bolts and nuts for wet concrete, and cane bolts for gates and doors.

Washers protect fasteners and help prevent them from moving or corroding.

Staples are a convenient way to fasten wooden fencing, flooring, fascia, and vinyl siding. Ring's End has a great range of wire staples for you to choose from.

Masonry & Concrete anchors usually consist of a galvanized steel rod with a bolt and washer. We sell expansion anchors and threaded anchors like the Tapcon Concrete Screw.

Ring's End also supplies Deck Fastening Systems including Camo Drive stainless steel screws and Pro Plug epoxy-coated carbon steel fasteners to keep your deck safe and secure.

Please contact us if you have questions or need some advice about fasteners and related hardware.

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