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Wet & Dry Vacuums

Cleanup Faster With Wet/Dry Vacs From Ring's End

If you want to make the end-of-day cleanup quick and easy, take a look at the Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum range at Ring's End. These versatile vacuum cleaners are perfect for construction sites, workshops, garages, woodworking shops, and anywhere people make a mess!

Heavy-Duty Suction Power

Also known as a "Shop Vacuum Cleaner" or a "Shop Vac", these heavy-duty cleaners can hoover up dirt and debris with ease and take care of liquid spills. They are ideal if you need to pick up sawdust, metal filings, wood shavings, and things that would likely break a residential vacuum cleaner.

Shop Vacuum Accessories & Add-Ons

The really great thing about wet/dry vacuums is there are quite a few Shop Vac attachments and accessories to make your life easier. These include extra-long hoses, filter flossers, hand sander add-ons, and more. There are also many different filter options such as fine dust filters which can help improve the air quality of your workspace.

Find The Best Wet / Dry Vacuums At Ring's End

You can find the perfect wet/dry shop vacuum for your needs at Ring's End. We have models from the leading brands like Shop-Vac and Festool for you to choose from.

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Wet/Dry Vacuums FAQs

Is a shop vac a wet/dry vac?

Yes, a "Shop Vacuum" or "Shop Vac" is a wet/dry vac. Similar to how "Kleenex" is used interchangeably for tissues, the brand Shop-Vac is often used to describe these kinds of vacuum cleaners.

What sizes do wet/dry vacuums come in?

Wet/dry vacuums are usually sized in three categories - Small (2 - 6 gallons), Medium (6 - 14 gallons), and high capacity (14-18 gallons).

What is a wet/dry vac used for?

Unlike regular vacuum cleaners, a wet/dry vac can clean up liquids, sand, ash, and even mud. They can also clean up dirt and debris making these tools incredibly versatile.

Can you use a wet/dry vac on carpet?

Yes, if you are dealing with tough stains, a shop vac can be more effective than a regular vacuum at cleaning carpets. The powerful suction and their ability to hoover up water makes wet/dry vacuums great carpet cleaners.

Do you remove the filter when using a wet/dry vacuum?

Yes, when you are cleaning wet surfaces, you will need to remove the filter on the wet/dry vacuum cleaner. However, for dry surfaces, the filter needs to be present to prevent dust from escaping while you're cleaning.

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