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Builder Services

Builder Services


Our job at Ring’s End is not merely to sell you building materials. It’s also to help you select the best materials for your project and, equally important, to assist you throughout the construction process by foreseeing potential problems and offering solutions, by discussing product options, by taking care of order and delivery scheduling — in brief, by advising, coordinating, and trouble-shooting. Your success is important to us. Put us to work!

Wilton, CT is also the location of Ring’s End Estimating & Design, which offers architectural and design services to its professional builder and contractor clients. These include materials estimation, blueprint take-offs, and customized framing layouts generated by the iLevel Javelin CADD system. This is not a retail location.


Job Site Consultation


With new builds and major remodeling projects, you don’t want all the materials delivered at once. Your sales liaison or Delivery Services staffers will work with you to plan a delivery schedule tailored to your individual project’s timetable. That way, windows won’t be lying around during framing, and flooring trusses will arrive before base moulding.



We provide rough estimates, which are helpful when you’re planning a project. We also provide detailed, itemized estimations based on your blueprints and drawings. This plan take-off service is essential for accurate budgeting, and it also can be an opportunity for our experienced staff members to help you find ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.



Using Javelin design software, Ring’s End creates Engineered Wood Products floor layouts and generates EWP load calculations, a service that includes hanger scheduling. We also have floor and roof truss design capabilities — another way we provide help builders and contractors find solutions.



We’re known for our excellent delivery service: we get your building materials to you safely, efficiently, and always on time. We can create flexible, staggered delivery schedules to fit your project’s needs. In addition, our careful packing, loading, and unloading ensure that the products you’ve ordered arrive in great shape and are placed where you need them on the job site.

Wilton, CT: Estimating & Design Services

149 Danbury Road

Wilton, CT 06897

Phone: (203) 563-9925

Key Contact

Greg Kochman

Estimating Manager

[email protected]