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Paint Samples & Stickers

1. Choose your brand.

We offer sample and peel and stick sample stickers in Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball brands. Choose your brand below.

2. Order your sample.

On the order page for your chosen paint color, choose sample or sample sticker from the dropdown options. It’s as easy as that.

3. Choose your color.

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Choose The Perfect Paint Color With Ring's End

Choosing the right color for paint can be a stressful affair. You might have a shortlist for the color of paints that you like but need to be 100% sure before spending hundreds of dollars at the store.

Even worse, you don't want to start painting your home before you realize that you've chosen the wrong color or shade. That's where Ring's End can help.

We offer two different kinds of samples; paint samples and peel and stick color samples. Both have their advantages depending on your needs.

Paint Sample Advantages
  • "Try on" a paint color without painting an entire room
  • Paint large sample sections or several smaller ones
  • The same method used by professional interior designers

By trying different paint colors at home, you'll get the most accurate sense of how a color will look in each room.

Our 16 oz. paint color samples cover approximately two 4' X 4' or eight 2' x 2' areas with two coats of paint.

This lets you easily test a few different paint colors at a time. You can also paint smaller test sections on several walls to see how a particular color will look throughout a room under various lighting conditions.

Peel & Stick Sample Advantages
  • Simple peel-and-stick application
  • No painting, no cleanup
  • No wasted material, no storage

If you want to make faster design decisions without the hassle of paints, our large 12" by 12" paint sample stickers are ideal.

The large size helps you really feel how the paint color will look on all your walls. You can easily transfer the paint sticker to other areas and rooms. This lets you know how different paint colors look in more enclosed spaces and on walls which get different amounts of light.

Best of all, there's none of the hassle or mess that you get with paint.

Why our stickers are better than traditional paint swatches

You might not know that traditional paint swatches are not the 100% real color. They are merely dyed to be a close approximation.

This is different from our stickers which are hand painted with the specific manufacturer's paint color. We apply two colors with rollers so you can be sure what you see is what you get.

The Brands You Can Try With Ring’s End

You can choose painting colors from 3 premium paint brands when you shop at Ring's End.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore has been famous for their exceptional quality paints for almost 150 years. We have 144 different colors of their paint for you to try in a latex eggshell finish.

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball are a British company who use age-old methods to create richly-pigmented paint. You can experiment with their palette of 132 timeless colors.


Curator is a unique collaboration with the Irish Design Community, from potters to milliners, and canvas to clay. Together we have developed a palette of 144 colors for your home improvement project.