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Stains & Sealers

Refresh & Revitalize Your interior Wood Surfaces

If your wood furniture, cabinets, and interior surfaces are looking a bit tired and worn, give them a refresh with our great selection of stains and sealants. Ring's End can help you find the perfect wood stain and sealants for all of your interior projects.

Not sure which interior wood finish you need? Here's a quick rundown.

Oil-based stains can penetrate deep inside the wood and help restore it to its natural color. An oil-based finish is also a good choice for sealing cracks and blemishes as it dries solid.

Have questions about the ideal wood stain, finish, or sealant for your interior DIY project? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Ring’s End Paint Centers carry a huge array of top quality wood stains and finishes for exterior and interior uses. It can be difficult, though, to figure out which product you need. For example, picking the right stain involves considering the species of wood you’re working with, the type of opacity that will create the look you want, the wear and tear you expect the wood surface to experience, and the weather conditions it will be subjected to. Talk with our knowledgeable sales representatives and color consultants: we’ll help you figure out which preparation, staining, and finishing products are right for your project.

Some factors, like color and sheen preferences, are subjective – you know the look you want to achieve. Your Ring’s End Paint and Stain specialists can help you navigate among the many quality stain products available so your finished product lives up to your vision. Here are a few considerations:


Oil-Based vs. Water-Based?

In general, we recommend oil-based stains for hardwoods. They are more durable and penetrate better than water-based stains. Water-based stains do retain color well and can be used on wood with natural resistance to rotting; they dry quickly and thus allow for ‘a quick fix.’ Some newer hybrid stains offer benefits of both oil-based and water-based stains.


Solid vs. Transparent?

Transparent stains do not hide wood grain and natural color while solid (opaque) stains completely conceal them. In between are semi-transparent and semi-solid stains. Your decision will be based on the finished look you want, of course, but you may also want to consider longevity. As a general rule, the more opaque the stain, the longer it will last.

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