1. Quality Materials

    Ever since Ring’s End was founded in 1902, one of the most important aspects of our business has been providing quality products to our customers. We sell products that stand the test of time and won’t leave you needing to replace or repair your projects down the line. This is something that sets Ring’s End apart from your big box home improvement stores and lumberyards. Eric Goodman, from K Blake & Company, was buying from big box lumberyards, and until he ordered lumber from Ring’s End, didn’t realize what a huge difference it makes to order top-quality products. He says, “There wasn’t a big price difference. There was a massive difference in quality and there was a huge difference in service.”


    When it comes to the quality of our dimensional framing lumber, it’s not just about the species and grade of the

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  2. Mixed Use Property - The Standard - Mystic, CT

    Welcome to the gracious 32,000-square-foot The Standard – Mystic, a multi-use development featuring 14 luxury condominiums and six premium retail spaces located in downtown Mystic on Water Street. 


    Eric Goodman and Kody Blake both grew up in Mystic.  After pursuing careers outside the building industry, they were called back and managed to quickly remodel an old building for Sift Bake Shop, adding a 2,000 square foot commercial kitchen in just 10 weeks.  Next door to the bakery stood another property, home to a real estate office and hair salon.  Goodman learned these leases were soon ending and purchased the property without approvals or e

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  3. Employee Profile - Andrea Rangel

    Andrea Rangel is a Sales Associate at our flagship location in Darien, CT. She has been with the company for 3 years. We recently caught up with Andrea and were not surprised to learn how passionate she is about working at Ring's End. See for yourself!


    Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to Ring's End.

    I'm Andrea. I think I'm a hard-working woman with an energetic personality. I enjoy learning new things every day. One of the reasons I came to Ring's End was a recommendation from an employee. She thought I would be a great fit with my outgoing personality and eagerness to learn new things.

    Q: What do you remember about your first day at Ring's End?

    My first day at Ring's End was a day of mixed emotions.

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  4. The Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors for a 2021 Dining Room

    Dining Room Painted in Benjamin Moore Winter Gray 2117-60, Close of up Benjamin Moore Salamander 2050-10 book shelf,Dining Room Painted in Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover OC-25

    Each October, Benjamin Moore reveals its Color of the Year and curated Color Trends palette as the culmination of a yearlong analysis of design, art, fashion, and cultural and environmental influences around the globe.

    After 2020 proved to be a challenging and unprecedented time, 2021 calls for renewal. In October, Benjamin Moore announced Aegean Teal 2136-40 as their 2021 Color of the Year and revealed 11 additional colors in their paint library of over 3,500 colors to create The 2021 Color Trends Palette. With a goal to enjoy the simple pleasures, this color collection invites you to take a moment, reflect, and reset with the color schemes the palette creates.

    Moving into a new year, with the hope of normalcy as the centerpiece, the Winter and Spring will still be spent with more time at home. Home renovations, DIY projects, and room makeovers will continue. Paint is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to make a large design impact in your home.

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  5. How to Clean Your Gutters in 5 Steps

    How to Clean Your Gutters in 5 Steps

    What is gutter cleaning and why is it important?

    It doesn’t take more than a few hours, but cleaning your gutters is a great way to prevent water damage to your home, which could require a costly repair in the future.

    If your home has rain gutters installed, this gutter system guides the flow of rainwater and melting snow from the rooflines. When working properly, this protects your home’s roofing, walls, foundation, and even your landscaping.

    A blockage in a downpipe or an abundance of debris in the gutters can lead to a variety of issues. For example, the extra weight could lead to sagging gutters, which can in time detach gutters from your home. The wet debris creates mold growth and sometimes a cozy home for rodents or other pests. Any water or moisture trapped on the exterior of your home should be avoided and cleaning your gutters is one way to prevent that!

    Ideally, you can find a few hou

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  6. Weatherstripping Your Windows and Doors

    Weatherstripping Your Windows and Doors

    With cold weather upon us, making sure your windows and doors have tight seals is important for both your comfort and your wallet! Weatherstripping and caulking are two ways to keep the warm air inside your house (and the cold air out). Having a tight seal is also beneficial in the summer when you want to keep the warm air outside and cool air in.

    What is Weatherstripping?

    Weatherstripping is an easy and inexpensive DIY project to seal the moveable areas of your home, such as windows, doors, or mail slots.

    There are many different types of weatherstripping, but the most commonly used materials are foam, felt, and vinyl. When used on a door jamb, for example, weatherstripping adheres to the sides and top of the door frame and seals the gaps, thus eliminating any air leaks.

    The type of weatherstripping you use depends on where you're applying it.

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  7. How to Waterproof Your Basement in 5 Steps

    How to Waterproof Your Basement in 5 Steps

    Before you venture into waterproofing your basement, you should understand why it might be wet in the first place. Because most basements are below grade (ground), they are more prone to accumulating excess moisture and suffering water damage. Here are some of the more common reasons why you may end up with a wet basement:

    • Cracks in your house's foundation are a surefire way for water to seep in through your basement walls and floors.
    • Basement doors, windows, and window wells that aren’t secure are other paths for water seepage.
    • Inadequate drainage is a major cause of a wet basement. When rainwater is not properly directed away from your home, it will sit at the house’s foundation and
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  8. Caulk Guide - How to Caulk with a Caulk Gun

    How to Caulk with a Caulk Gun

    Always here to provide our expertise, this is a definitive caulk guide. You will learn the basics of caulking, what caulking is, caulking tips, types of caulk, and what they’re used for, how to apply caulk, and how to use a caulk gun.

    Let’s get started. What is caulking anyway? Caulking is the process of sealing joints, seams, and gaps during the building process. It serves many purposes such as creating a waterproof seal for moisture prevention, increasing your home’s efficiency with insulation, and working to create a seamless look by filling in the small gaps in mouldings, trim, or baseboards.

    Caulking Tips: How to Choose the Right Type of Caulk

    There are m

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  9. How to Insulate Pipes and Prevent Pipes from Freezing

    How to Insulate Pipes and Prevent Pipes from Freezing

    When it comes to preparing your home for cold weather this winter, insulating your pipes and preventing them from freezing and bursting should be at the top of every homeowner’s to-do list. Pipe insulation is a simple DIY task that can save you a lot of money in repairs and energy costs in the long run.

    How to Keep Pipes From Freezing

    The last thing you want to come home to after a winter vacation is a flooded home and major water damage due to burst pipes. As water freezes, it expands and increases the pressure inside the pipe, causing it to eventually rupture. Pipes that are more likely to freeze are those close to the house’s exterior walls, in crawl spaces, and in unheated areas. In order to keep water pipes from freezing, you can insulate them with insulation products such as pipe wrap or sleeves.

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  10. Best Gutter Guards to Protect Your Gutters

    Gutter Protection Tips and The Best Gutter Guards

    Being proactive in maintaining your roof can mean avoiding costly repairs or the need to replace it down the road. The most important roof maintenance task, cleaning your gutters, should be done at least every fall. Keeping your gutters clean can prevent gutter freezing and ice dams by allowing for proper drainage. In addition to extending the life of your roof, regular gutter cleaning can prevent siding and fascia board rot, wet basement, foundation repairs, landscape erosion, interior water leaks, mold, and pest problems.

    Cleaning gutters can be a messy chore. Homeowners who’d rather not do it themselves, can hire a professional or install gutter protection. But if you're looking for ways to protect your gutters in preparation for winter, these tips will help you find the best gutter guard for your home.

    How Can I Protect My Gutters?

    Leaves are the most common problem for gutters. Although there are many types of gutter g

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