Gutter Protection Tips and The Best Gutter Guards

Being proactive in maintaining your roof can mean avoiding costly repairs or the need to replace it down the road. The most important roof maintenance task, cleaning your gutters, should be done at least every fall. Keeping your gutters clean can prevent gutter freezing and ice dams by allowing for proper drainage. In addition to extending the life of your roof, regular gutter cleaning can prevent siding and fascia board rot, wet basement, foundation repairs, landscape erosion, interior water leaks, mold, and pest problems.

Cleaning gutters can be a messy chore. Homeowners who’d rather not do it themselves, can hire a professional or install gutter protection. But if you're looking for ways to protect your gutters in preparation for winter, these tips will help you find the best gutter guard for your home.

How Can I Protect My Gutters?

Leaves are the most common problem for gutters. Although there are many types of gutter g

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