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Exterior Paint
Exterior Paint

Exterior Paint

If you have an interior paint project, Ring's End can help!

Our wide selection of interior paints can suit any home or workplace. We have wall and trim paint, ceiling paint, interior primer, and everything you need for the perfect finish.

Choosing the right paint color for any room is easy with our online tools and paint samples.

Exterior Paint FAQs

What kind of paint do you use for the exterior?

Oil-based paints were the most common type of exterior paint until quite recently. Advances in water-based paint technology has seen them become very popular with professionals. Some states have also brought in V.O.C. restrictions that limit the availability of oil-based paints.

Acrylic and latex-based exterior paints are now very popular. Unlike oil-based paint, they dry quickly, expand and contract with seasonal temperature variations, and it’s easy to clean away any imperfections while painting.

What is the best finish for exterior paint?

The best finish for exterior paint depends on where - and what - you are painting.

For siding, the best paint finish is satin / eggshell / low lustre. This is because it's low-reflective surface is good at hiding slight imperfections and blemishes. It's slight gloss also helps siding stay cleaner and be easier to wash.

For exterior trim like window sills, the best finish is semi gloss. Semi gloss is long lasting, easy-to-clean, and more moisture-resistant than other paint finishes. This makes it particularly ideal for windowsills exposed to the elements.

For shutters, doors, and contact surfaces, a high gloss is best. This resin-rich finish is long lasting and dirt-repellent. It also adds depth and richness to colors.

What is the longest-lasting exterior paint?

Water-based paint such as Latex or Acrylic is not only longer lasting, it's much easier to apply than oil-based paint. It dries quicker, you don't need to use paint thinners to clean your gear, and you can still paint in low temperatures. Something you just can't do with oil-based paint!

Is it better to spray or brush exterior paint?

Many people think using a brush is the only way to paint a house. They are surprised that wood absorbs spray paint just the same as brushed paint. Providing you prepare well and non-painted areas are covered, masked, and taped off - there really is no difference.

What are the most popular exterior house colors for 2021?

Some of the most popular exterior house colors for 2021 are neutral colors such as off-white, blue-gray, and taupe. That's because many homeowners believe neutral colors will make their homes easier to sell.