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Deck Fastening Systems

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What is the best way to fasten deck boards?

While nails are more commonly used in deck framing, people prefer screws for deck boards because they have a better holding strength. Using deck screws also prevents the "board squeak" that can happen with nails.

How do you hide screws in decking?

You can hide screws in decking using a hidden deck fastener system. Compatible screws like the Camo Drive Deck Screw are available in the same colors as decking boards to remain inconspicuous.

Are hidden deck fasteners worth it?

Hidden deck fasteners are a great way of keeping the surface of your decking looking clean, smooth, and professionally installed. However, face screws can be a better option in some cases such as decking exposed to strong winds.

Do you need to pre-drill for deck screws?

People prefer to pre-drill holes for deck screws to help make driving the screws in easier. It's also easier to identify wood splits, too. However, for some types of screws and for larger decking projects, you may not need too.

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