Low Deck Design Ideas — Plus the Best Materials to Use

A low deck is any deck design that’s less than 30 inches high. Also called a ground-level or platform deck, these can be an attractive, affordable way to add outdoor seating and create a dedicated entertaining space in a landscape design. From floating decks to pool decks to patio + deck combos, we've rounded up a variety of beautiful ideas to get your creative juices flowing! Plus, our decking pro's weigh in on the best materials for a low-maintenance, long-lasting deck. 

12 Low Deck Designs

Low decks are usually built on flat ground; they’re designed to create flow between the outdoors and the main living areas at ground level. Instead of walking down a few steps to a patio, homeowners can walk straight out the door onto a deck at the same level. A low deck eliminates stairs right by the door so it’s safer when carrying things, and the height makes it easy to chat between indoors and out.

Deck with a dining table on it; deck built in TimberTech PVC decking, Vintage Collection in Mahogany

Use a low deck to add a dining area right off the kitchen, with a long bench for extra seating.

Small Outdoor Space with a low deck built in TimberTech decking, Weathered Teak Vintage Collection

Choose comfortable furniture for your deck to create an outdoor living room in small yard.

Low gray multi-level deck with a pergola over half of it; Timbertech Advanced PVC Deck Color: Whitewash Cedar; Railing: Classic Composite Series - Drink Rail

A pergola can divide a long, low deck into separate seating and dining areas. Replacing a patio or pavers with a lower-level deck just a few feet above ground level creates the connection between the house and yard.

Stone paver pool decking combined with TimberTech Composite Decking

Composite decking instead of a paver patio provides a cooler surface for dining poolside.

Timbertech Advanced PVC deck by AZEK in Weathered Teak

The plantings around this mid-century modern deck help to anchor it in the landscape, and soften the transition to the rest of the yard.

Low deck in Timbertech Advanced PVC deck with Hickory and Coastline

Mix and match colors, widths, and patterns to divide your low deck into different spaces.

Low deck built with Timbertech Composite decking in Coconut Husk

A wide low deck that wraps the width of a ranch home provides a perfect place to enjoy the view.

Low beach deck using Timbertech Advanced PVC in Coastline and Dark Hickory

This expansive deck preserves the beach views and provides easy access to the sand. A tile pattern with multi-colored decking adds interest. 

Low deck in AZEK decking, Weathered Teak color

This covered deck expands the living area and connects the home to the yard with just two steps. 

Floating deck with picture frame edge made from Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK in Mahogany

This floating deck with a lovely picture frame border offers a coastal home a simple place to relax and enjoy the beach.

Low deck attached to a patio. Deck built in TimberTech PVC Decking, Mahogany color.

This homeowner replaced part of a brick patio with a new deck, adding space for an outdoor kitchen that’s convenient to the back door.

Low deck in TimberTech Composite Legacy Collection in Tigerwood

Open stairs help this low deck to transition easily to the backyard. Stair lighting creates ambiance and guides the way around the geometric edges of the deck.

The Best Materials for a Low Deck

To get the most out of your budget, our pro's recommend a low-maintenance material that will last. Wood decks that are less than 4' off the ground are highly suscetible to damage and rot from moisture underneath. However, engineered decking materials such as composite and PVC decking are weather-resistant, insect-proof, and last up to 50 years, depending on the product line. 

Chart comparing wood decking and composite decking

While wood decks reqiure regular upkeep with sealing or staining every few years, engineered decking requires zero maintenance other than an annual cleaning. Wood decking is typically less expensive up front, but engineered deck boards cost far less over time.

For a low deck that will last for decades (and look beautiful the entire time) we recommend Timbertech by AZEK products. Made from polymers and recycled materials, TimberTech decking is available in a variety of durable finishes that resemble real wood, offering homeowners a vast range of options for unique pattern and color variations to create a show-stopping design that adds value and appeal to their home. 

Learn More About Timbertech for the Ultimate Low Deck

Here at Ring’s End, we’re proud to offer TimberTech products, because we know that homeowners have confidence in their 25-50 year product warranty. To learn more about our selection of TimberTech composite decking options, check out our product guide. Our expert team would be happy to help guide you and answer any questions you have about deck products, planning, and installation – contact a team member today through our online chat or by texting (203) PRO-HELP.

Buyer’s Guide to TimberTech Composite Decking

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