TimberTech Decking Product Guide

There is a lot to consider when planning to build or replace a deck: should you use composite decking or wood? What railing style is best? How big will it be? Which decking color will complement your home? If you begin with the right supplier the deck building process will go more smoothly.

TimberTech is a premier manufacturer of composite decking, including their trademark composite decking, PVC decking, deck railings and accessories. Their extensive product collections make it easy to find everything you need for your new deck, all in one place. In this guide, we’ll help you decide which TimberTech decking products are right for your project.

TimberTech Decking Options

TimberTech deck boards are available in two product collections: TimberTech Advanced PVC decking and TimberTech Composite decking. Both are made from durable synthetic materials with recycled content, and will last for decades. Your choice of collection will depend on your deck design as well as your budget. Before shopping for materials, it’s helpful to speak with a Ring’s End team member about the budget for your project. They can give you the best price range to use when selecting decking materials. With this information you can shop for colors and textures that appeal to you and fit your budget.

Here’s a quick overview of how composite and PVC decking compare:


Each TimberTech decking collection has a unique range of surface textures, grooved profiles and colors. While there are some differences between composite and PVC decking, both are low-maintenance products backed by a minimum 30-year fade & stain warranty. Coordinating TimberTech products like railings, fascia boards, and porch flooring are designed with the same level of quality, in colors and finishes that create a cohesive design.

TimberTech Composite Deck Boards

TimberTech Composite by AZEK Mocha Pecan diagonal deck inlay
TimberTech Composite by AZEK Mocha Pecan diagonal deck inlay

Known for its sustainability and real wood look, composite decking has become a catch-all term for synthetic decking in recent years. However, there are differences between materials and manufacturers. TimberTech composite decking boards are engineered using recycled materials that make them extremely durable, insect-proof and moisture resistant. Wood fibers and polymers from recycled plastics are combined, then extruded to form individual deck boards. The composite boards are also capped with a polymer layer to seal them and make them mold-resistant. This unique manufacturing process lets TimberTech create a wide range of colors and wood grain effects at different price points.

TimberTech Composite decking board with polymer cap
TimberTech Composite decking board with polymer cap

Composite decking is popular because it lasts for decades and is very low maintenance. It’s slip-resistant and not prone to warping, rot or insect damage. Lighter colors offer a cooler surface on bare feet. Because it doesn’t expand and contract much with temperature changes, composite decking is popular with homeowners in cold climates. However, the boards are more flexible than wood so the joists and stringers must be closer together. TimberTech Composite decking is available in fifteen colors across four collections:

Reserve Collection

Colors in the TimberTech Composite Reserve Collection

Complex coloring is inspired by reclaimed wood. A heavy wire-brush finish highlights the classic cathedral wood grain.

Shop the TimberTech Reserve Collection

Legacy Collection

Colors in the TimberTech Composite Legacy Collection

Each board is unique, with a complex color-blended look and natural board-to-board color variation; the hand-scraped texture adds Old World charm.

Shop the TimberTech Legacy Collection

Terrain Collection:

Colors in the TimberTech Composite Terrain Collection

Realistic straight grain patterns, cathedral peaks and board-to-board color variation evoke the character of barnwood. Featuring a light wire-brushed, rough-hewn texture and rustic, earthy tones.

Premier Collection:

Colors in the TimberTech Composite Premier Collection

An opaque stained look that features rich, modern colors and a straight grain that delivers real wood aesthetics.

Shop the TimberTech Premier Collection

Prime+ Collection:

Colors in the TimberTech Composite Prime+ Collection

A simple, traditional wood look that features subtle color blending and a rift-and-quarter-sawn straight grain pattern.

Shop the TimberTech Prime Collection

TimberTech Advanced PVC Decking

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Mahogany, Coastline and Dark Hickory on custom curved seating
TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Mahogany, Coastline and Dark Hickory on custom curved seating

TimberTech Advanced PVC decking combines the most realistic wood looks on the market with the superior durability of PVC. Like composite decking, polymer or PVC decking is low maintenance, mold-proof and impervious to insects. Made from 60% recycled plastics, these extruded deck boards have a polymer cap for extra weather protection. TimberTech Advanced PVC decking has a 50 Year Fade & Stain Limited Lifetime Warranty. Plus, it’s sustainable and 100% recyclable; even after 50 years, deck boards can be recycled into new decking material.

PVC decking is easy to maintain; because the boards won’t splinter, it can be pressure washed. This material is a good choice for DIY deck projects because it weighs less than composite decking, so it’s easy to transport and install. Because it’s plastic, it can be heated and bent to create dynamic, curving designs. PVC boards are also slip-resistant and cooler in summer than many other decking products. TimberTech Advanced PVC offers realistic wire-brushed and hand-scraped wood patterns that not only look great, they are available with square edges or grooved edges, in 12′, 16′, or 20′ lengths and multiple widths.

This innovative product is available in twelve colors across three collections:

Landmark Collection:


A cathedral wood grain pattern is complemented by a rustic crosscut grain and matte finish; the color varies from end-to-end and board-to-board to make each deck unique.

Shop the TimberTech Landmark Collection

Harvest Collection:


Traditional cathedral wood grain and a natural, solid color palette to complement many home styles. Slate Gray and Brownstone colors are available in two widths.

Shop the TimberTech Harvest Collection

Vintage Collection:


The Vintage series features sophisticated, natural-looking colors and a wire-brushed surface for an authentic wood look. Available in three widths.

Shop the TimberTech Vintage Collection

TimberTech Advanced PVC Porch Collection

TimberTech Porch Collection, Mahogany

TimberTech Advanced PVC Porch boards provide the same high-performance, low-maintenance qualities as Advanced PVC decking, in coordinating colors. These classic tongue-and-groove boards mimic a traditional porch floor, yet they create a smooth surface you’ll never have to sand, stain, or seal. Porch boards are fastener-free and offer a tighter fit than you would find on a deck.

Because porch boards fit tightly with minimal gapping, they do not provide the drainage required for a deck. Use them on covered porches and stairs for a traditional carpentry look. Installation requires the joists to pitch away from the house at ¼” per foot. They are available in 10′, 12′, and 16′ lengths and two widths. Just like TimberTech Advanced PVC decking, the Porch collection is protected with a 50-Year Fade & Stain Limited Warranty.


TimberTech Railing

The design of your railing plays a major role in the finished look of your outdoor living space. TimberTech offers fully customizable railings designed to coordinate beautifully with your TimberTech decking. Railings consist of six design components that can be mixed-and-matched to create unique styles ranging from milled-wood-inspired to sleek and modern:

  • Top rail
  • Post cap
  • Post
  • Post skirt
  • Infill
  • Bottom rail

TimberTech’s diverse railing portfolio delivers stylish options at every price point and for every style and budget. Railing components are made from high-quality materials including premium composite, extruded PVC, and powder-coated aluminum that won’t splinter, crack, warp, corrode, or peel. All railings are protected with a 25-Year Limited Product Warranty.

Classic Composite Railing:

TimberTech Classic Composite Railing in white

TimberTech’s Classic Composite series makes it easy to design a custom railing for your deck. Made from the same durable composite material as TimberTech decking, this collection offers four top rail options, five post cap styles, five colors and four infill panel designs. Post sleeves make it easy to renovate your deck using existing posts. Composite railings are protected by the industry’s only 25-Year Fade & Stain Warranty.


PVC Railing:

TimberTech PVC Raiilng in white

PVC railings are made from extruded PVC with aluminum reinforcement for superior performance. Inspired by traditional wood railing designs, PVC railing is available in white, but can be painted a custom color. Available in two top rail designs and five infill panels including historic Chippendale and square web styles as well as black aluminum balusters. Post sleeves make PVC railing ideal for renovation projects. Like many TimberTech products, it has a 25 year warranty.


Impression Rail Express Metal Railing:

TimberTech Impression Rail Express Metal Railing in Black

Made of durable aluminum with a powder-coated finish for fade and corrosion resistance, TimberTech’s Impression Rail Express offers customizable design with a system of panels for easy installation. Available in three colors, three top rail styles and five infill panel designs that include balusters, glass channel kits or vertical cables. Pre-assembled panels can be cut to size, making them ideal for DIY projects.


TimberTech Fasteners

Fasteners are necessary to securely attach the deck boards to the deck’s substructure (the frame that consists of posts, beams, blocking, and joists). TimberTech offers several types of fasteners that are designed specifically for their decking materials. Before looking at fasteners, it helps to be familiar with the two main types of decking boards.

Scalloped deck boards have less material underneath to make them lighter and easier to handle:


Full-profile deck boards are a solid board that resembles lumber:


Deck boards are also made with either a square edge or a grooved edge:


Both styles of board are compatible with these two types of fastener:

  • Hidden fasteners that attach to the grooves on the sides of deck boards and provide a uniform surface.
  • Top-down fasteners that are drilled through the surface of the deck.

Using the correct fasteners will ensure that you won’t damage your deck boards or undermine the deck’s integrity. Once you’ve selected your decking material and finalized your design, you can choose the best fastener for your project.

Hidden Fasteners:

There are hidden fasteners for every type of deck board, so no matter which board you choose, you can create a seamless, fastener-free surface.


CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners: For all TimberTech grooved deck boards; offers simple, one-step installation and the lasting performance of stainless steel.


FUSIONLoc: For all TimberTech grooved deck boards; offers simple, one-step installation. Provides a strong hold for tighter butt joints and miters thanks to three points of contact between the board and joist. Choose FUSIONLoc for a tight fit on complex designs, like a picture frame border.


SIDELoc: For use only on TimberTech’s square-shoulder boards, these fasteners screw into the board edge at an angle. Fast, easy start with no pre-drilling, and a clean finish to the edge of the board. Made with durable stainless steel that resists screw shear.


EDGELoc: Designed exclusively for TimberTech Composite grooved deck boards. Easy-to-use with pre-set screws, and a faster installation time using 12-clip collated strips. Offers superior lateral hold thanks to its serrated surfaces.

Top-Down Fasteners:

Only Cortex® and TOPLoc® fasteners can be used on the entire deck surface, including stairs and fascia boards.

TimberTech Cortex fasteners are hidden by matching plugs

Cortex Fasteners: Screws that are covered by plugs made from the same material as your chosen deck boards. Compatible only with full-profile (not scalloped) boards, they are the only hidden fastener that can also be used for boards on the stairs and perimeter of your deck.

TOPLoc screws are color-matched to the decking material

TOPLoc Fasteners: Visible screws with heads that are color-matched to your deck surface. Compatible with all TimberTech deck boards: grooved, square edge, scalloped, and full-profile. There are also specific TOPLoc fasteners for composite boards, PVC boards and fascia boards.

TimberTech Accessories


Decking in Coastline from the TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection; Classic Composite Series Drink Rail in White; Coastline deck board top rail.

TimberTech offers a range of built-in lighting options for your deck:

  • Riser lights to illuminate stairs
  • In-Deck lights emit a soft glow to delineate deck edges
  • Accent lights for general lighting on posts
  • Post Cap lights to softly illuminate each post
  • Under-Rail lighting to frame the deck with a soft glow

At a minimum, every deck should have lighting on the stairs and walkways for safety.

Composite Gate Kit

TimberTech gate

Keep children and pets safe with TimberTech’s easy-to-install gate kits. Gate kits are designed to work with the Classic Composite Series as well as Impression Rail Express.

ADA-Compliant Handrail

TimberTech ADA-compliant rail

Part of the Impression Rail Express Collection, ADA Compliant aluminum handrails add safety and comfort with easier graspability and load-bearing construction. Available in three colors.

Where To Buy TimberTech Decking By AZEK

Here at Ring’s End, we offer an unparalleled selection of building materials both in-store and online. We’re proud to offer TimberTech products, because we know that homeowners have confidence in the 30-50 year product warranty.

In addition to the expertise provided by our Ring’s End sales representatives, an architect or designer is a great help when planning a custom deck. They can supply creative design ideas, as well as produce a deck design that meets local building codes and provide plans for the contractor. With thoughtful attention to color and some expert help, your new deck will be a stunning addition for all to enjoy.


To learn more about deck board colors and design options, check out our guide to Choosing the Best TimberTech Color. A Ring’s End sales representative can also recommend a price range for materials, provide free samples and guide you to the best TimberTech products for your project. Chat with us today!

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