Choosing the Best TimberTech Color for Your Deck

Ring’s End’s line of TimberTech decking offers the natural beauty of wood without the extensive maintenance such as sealing, staining, or the constant upkeep of real wood. TimberTech’s composite and PVC decking technology resists moisture damage, mildew, mold, scratches, stains, and fading, ensuring that your low-maintenance deck will look like traditional wood but with the durability and resistance to harsh weather that Azek decking provides.

With extensive color options to suit any home design and budget, your dream deck is right around the corner!

TimberTech Decking Options

Before you begin to look at TimberTech decking colors, it helps to understand their two product collections: TimberTech AZEK decking, which is a durable PVC product, and TimberTech Pro decking which is a composite material. TimberTech AZEK colors are found in the Vintage, Landmark, and Harvest collections. TimberTech Pro Composite Decking features the Legacy, Reserve, and Terrain collections.

Your choice of collection will depend on your budget and proposed deck design. Your local Ring’s End representative, along with your architect, designer or contractor can recommend a price range for materials that can guide you while you review the TimberTech color chart. Each TimberTech collection has a distinctive style and a unique range of surface textures, grooved profiles and colors. Plus, this low-maintenance product is backed by a minimum 30-year fade and stain warranty!

TimberTech AZEK Polymer Decking:

  • Landmark Collection: A cathedral wood grain pattern is complemented by a rustic crosscut grain and matte finish; the color varies from end-to-end and board-to-board to make each deck unique.
  • Harvest Collection: Traditional cathedral wood grain and a natural, solid color palette to complement many home styles.
  • Vintage Collection: Azek Vintage series features sophisticated, natural-looking colors and a wire-brushed surface for an authentic wood look.

TimberTech Pro Composite Board Decking:

  • Pro Reserve Collection: Complex coloring is inspired by reclaimed wood. A heavy wire-brush finish highlights the classic cathedral wood grain.
  • Pro Legacy Collection: Each board is unique with a complex color-blended look and natural board-to-board color variation; the hand-scraped texture adds Old World charm.
  • Pro Terrain Collection: Traditional deck colors ranging from solid to moderately varied, with a rugged wood grain pattern designed to hide soil and wear.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a collection or two, it’s time to choose a color. TimberTech decking is designed to replace real wood, so the palette includes four nature-inspired color families:

  • Grays: Warm greige, cool gray and deep graphite shades
  • Golden browns: Golden beige, khaki and cocoa brown
  • Classic browns: Mid-tone and dark mocha brown shades
  • Reddish browns: Complex shades that blend brown and red-brown tones

Just like paint colors, wood stain colors may have either warm or cool undertones. It’s important to consider these color undertones to make sure the deck color you choose will blend beautifully with your home and landscape.

The TimberTech color chart features both warm and cool shades in each collection. How will you know which color is best? There are three major things that will influence your decision.

1. Deck Colors In The Landscape

The colors around your home are a great place to look for inspiration. Choosing colors from the immediate landscape reduces the contrast between the deck and its surroundings for seamless natural views.

Coastal Decks:

For beachside homes, look for bleached wood or weathered, driftwood grays.

TimberTech Azek French White Oak

Lush green plants look beautiful against rich wood tones.

TimberTech PRO Antique Leather

Wooded Decks:

A natural wood look blends with nearby trees for a deck that’s surrounded by forest.

TimberTech AZEK color English Walnut

A lighter, weathered wood color paired with black cable railings is perfect for a modern cabin in the woods.

TimberTech AZEK in Weathered Teak

Desert Decks:

Desert areas have a stunning range of colors in the landscape; sandy beige, sunset pinks, and gray-green shrubs. Reddish-brown decking complements the stone wall and terracotta tile roof at this home:

TimberTech PRO Legacy Collection, Pecan

Lighter deck colors blend perfectly with the light paint colors that are typically found on desert homes. Use a light color to deflect heat for a cooler, more comfortable deck.

TimberTech AZEK in Coastline, Dark Hickory inlay

City Decks:

Urban landscapes may have city views or a small garden. Use rich wood tones to add warmth to steel and concrete buildings.

TimberTech AZEK in English Walnut

For a townhome that opens to a garden, a deck becomes additional living space. The deep gray color on this contemporary deck is easy to coordinate with the home’s interior, and suits the urban landscape.

TimberTech AZEK in Castle Gate

2. Deck Colors For Summer Heat

Deck colors respond to sunshine and heat like any other color; dark colors will absorb and retain heat, and lighter colors will deflect it, retaining less. Consider the climate where you live and your deck’s design when selecting a color. If your deck is exposed to full sun all day, it would be smart to opt for light-colored deck boards. In hot desert climates, even a deck with partial sun will get very hot. Choose a light deck color like Whitewash Cedar from the TimberTech Pro Legacy Collection for a cooler, more comfortable surface. Adding a pergola or retractable awning will also keep deck boards cool. If you live in a cooler climate or the deck will be shaded, you can choose a medium or dark shade without worrying too much about heat buildup.

3. Exterior Paint Colors And Undertones

The exterior color of your home is the last factor to consider. From a design standpoint, your home is a large block of color near the deck, so you’ll want to choose a deck color that complements it. For seamless flow, choose a shade that’s just slightly lighter or darker than the exterior paint color. Or create dramatic contrast with a deck color that’s significantly darker or lighter. Some homeowners like to match deck rails to the home, using white railings if the home has white trim for example. Others prefer to let the rails blend into the landscape by choosing black or a darker wood tone.

If you know the names of your home’s paint colors, you can do a quick online search to find out its undertones. Even white paint has visible undertones, so it’s worth taking the time to order TimberTech decking board samples and test them against your paint color. Remember how different two shades of white can look when placed side-by-side? Those are the paint undertones! If a white has a cream-yellow cast it has warm undertones, and if it has a grayish-blue cast it has cool undertones.

Just as you would with interior paint colors, it’s important to consider nearby colors when choosing a decking material. For example, if your home is painted a warm shade like Simply White by Benjamin Moore, the best color choice is either a warm brown deck that will blend, or a cool gray like the TimberTech Azek color Slate Gray to complement the warm undertones.

TimberTech Azek Slate Gray decking

A neutral white like Benjamin Moore’s White Dove would work beautifully with almost any deck color on the chart. The warm wood tones in TimberTech’s AZEK color Weathered Teak create a traditional vibe:

TimberTech AZEK in Weathered Teak

A cool shade like TimberTech’s Azek color Slate Grey, or a brown-gray wood tone like the TimberTech Azek color American Walnut also work nicely with neutral white paint.

Timbertech Azek Decking, American Walnut

Gray is one of the most popular exterior paint colors at the moment. If your home is gray, check the paint color’s undertones to get a good match. For example, a cool gray decking color like Slate Gray might clash with a warm gray paint like Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray. A warm-toned gray deck like Stone Ash would be a stylish choice instead.

For a home painted in a neutral gray (like Stonington Gray), a soft greige or medium brown deck color would be ideal. Check out these TimberTech AZEK colors from the Vintage Collection, all working together; Coastline, Mahogany, and Dark Hickory:

TimberTech AZEK colors from the Vintage Collection

Warm tan, beige and golden brown exterior colors are the perfect backdrop for medium brown and reddish-brown deck colors. This home’s earthy palette features a deck in TimberTech’s Dark Roast, with brown railings and crisp white posts to match the home’s trim.

TimberTech Reserve Collection in Dark Roast

The latest exterior paint color trends are towards dark colors like navy blue or charcoal on the entire home. Popular shades like Hale Navy and Kendall Charcoal give these homes a strong presence and make white trim colors pop. Medium and light deck colors create a stylish contrast against a dramatically dark exterior. This modern bungalow used TimberTech Azek in Weathered Teak to brighten the deck:

TimberTech Azek Weathered Teak

Many traditional homes have red brick exteriors, or historic paint colors like Benjamin Moore’s Wythe Blue or Old Navy. For a classic look, choose a medium or dark wood-toned deck to avoid creating sharp contrast. On this deck, black railings blend with the landscape and are trimmed to match the TimberTech AZEK deck in Mahogany.

TimberTech AZEK in Mahogany

Test your decking color samples against the floors inside your home too. Make sure the interior floor color and deck color work well together for a seamless transition from indoors to outside. Choose hidden fasteners for a sleek look that resembles interior wood floors.

Combine TimberTech Colors For A Unique Design

A standout deck design usually has custom details like lighting, custom railings, and deck boards laid in distinctive patterns. Diagonal or herringbone patterns add interest without being too busy.

TimberTech Azek Coastline in a herringbone pattern

Many custom deck designs combine two or more board colors for a big visual impact. For example, a contrasting color might be used as a border along the edges, or to delineate seating and dining areas.

Custom design in TimberTech Azek Coastline and Island Oak

Where To Buy TimberTech Azek Decking

Here at Ring’s End, we offer an unparalleled selection of building materials and paints both in-store and online. We’re proud to offer TimberTech products, because we know that homeowners have confidence in the 30-50 year product warranty.

In addition to the expertise provided by our Ring’s End sales representatives, an architect or designer is a great help when planning a custom deck. They can supply creative design ideas, as well as produce a deck design that meets local building codes and provide plans for the contractor. With thoughtful attention to color and some expert help, your new deck will be a stunning addition for all to enjoy.

All of our Design Showrooms have talented, full-time designers who offer complimentary in-store color consultations. Visit a Ring’s End store near you to get started with free samples today!