10 Deck Patterns for Show-Stopping Style

A stylish outdoor living space is one of today’s most popular home improvements. Whether you’re building a new deck or renovating an existing one, the first step in any deck project is planning the layout. Upgrading your deck design from traditional straight-laid boards to a decorative board pattern instantly adds value to your home. Even a small deck can make a statement with a bold deck flooring design.

Ready for some fantastic deck design ideas? Read on to learn about how you can get these looks for your deck using composite or PVC decking—today’s engineered decking materials open up a host of design possibilities! Let’s begin with a quick look at our ten favorite deck patterns:

Single-Width Deck Boards

Timbertech Advanced PVC Decking in Slate GrayTimbertech Advanced PVC Decking in Slate Gray

A single-width deck pattern uses the same width boards across the entire deck for a uniform look that closely resembles interior flooring. The simple design means that the foundation is also less complicated and standard deck joists can be used.  Additional benefits include easier installation and economical use of materials. For a more creative single-width design, combine multiple colors of the same width boards.

TimberTech Advanced PVC by AZEK with tri color effectTimberTech Advanced PVC by AZEK with tri color effect

Pinstripe Decking

Timbertech Advanced PVC Decking in CoastlineTimbertech Advanced PVC Decking in Coastline

Crisp and clean, pinstripe is a traditional decorating pattern made up of alternating wide and narrow stripes. Combine multiple widths of decking to create this stylish pinstripe design. The subtle stripe provides visual interest and gives your deck a cool summer vibe. This easy-to-install pattern gives your deck an elevated look without requiring additional labor.

TimberTech Advanced PVC in Mahogany, with a Dark Hickory borderTimberTech Advanced PVC in Mahogany, with a Dark Hickory border

A picture frame deck design looks just like its name – the edges of the deck are “framed” by running boards forming a border around the full perimeter. Edge boards that match the rest of the deck add a subtle accent, while a contrasting color can be used to create a bold look. Perpendicular edge boards also increase safety by making the edges of steps easier to see. On the porch below, the wide picture framing uses three boards in a darker shade to highlight the bay window and entry door.

Timbertech Composite Decking in Tigerwood, framed in MochaTimbertech Composite Decking in Tigerwood, framed in Mocha

Engineered materials are best for creating custom deck patterns, and TimberTech’s product line includes a wide spectrum of colors to create a stunning outdoor living space. Use our color guide to help you bring your deck pattern to life.

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Diagonal Deck Boards

Timbertech Composite Decking Legacy Collection in TigerwoodTimbertech Composite Decking Legacy Collection in Tigerwood

A diagonal decking pattern adds a sense of movement to the deck design, visually expanding the space. It’s a bold choice that’s the perfect complement to contemporary architecture. Adding a diagonally-laid section to a large deck creates visual interest and helps to designate different activity areas. This complex pattern does require extra foundational support, so it may be best to hire a contractor for your project.

Herringbone Deck Patterns

TimberTech Advanced PVC in Coastline and Weathered TeakTimberTech Advanced PVC in Coastline and Weathered Teak

Herringbone is an elegant woven pattern found in basketry and fabrics. On a deck, this intricate design is created by alternating deck boards at 45-degree angles. Cover the entire deck with herringbone like a classic parquet floor, or feature a small patterned section to make a statement. Even a small inlay of the herringbone pattern adds a touch of luxury; contrasting colors elevate the look even further. This pattern requires an experienced installer and extra framing to support the design from below.

Chevron Decks

Timbertech Advanced PVC in Castle GateTimbertech Advanced PVC in Castle Gate

Classic and yet thoroughly modern, a chevron design uses diagonal deck boards to create a v-shaped pattern. Transition boards keep the seams looking neat and help to define activity areas. Use a chevron deck pattern to accent a modern home, or add a playful touch to traditional architecture. You’ll need good carpentry skills to pull off all the angled cuts, so this is an advanced pattern for the DIY deck builder.

Herringbone vs Chevron: What’s the difference?


Herringbone decking uses planks with square ends. The planks are staggered so the ends fit together.


Chevron decking has diagonal planks that are cut at an angle to form a straight edge where they meet; a transition board creates a tidy seam.


Tile or Patchwork Patterns

Timbertech Advanced PVC in Coastline and Dark HickoryTimbertech Advanced PVC in Coastline and Dark Hickory

Just like tiles on a parquet floor, a tile pattern uses deck boards to divide the deck into square sections. Sometimes referred to as a patchwork design, tile patterns can be created with a single deck color or by using contrasting framing. This geometric design adds texture and graphic punch to any size deck. Use individual sections to help define separate areas for seating or dining.

A patchwork deck pattern is also economical because it makes use of shorter deck boards. Make a bold statement with custom inlay designs within the squares, or keep things simple with a two-toned look.

Transition Boards

Timbertech Composite in Ashwood with Espresso transition boardsTimbertech Composite in Ashwood with Espresso transition boards

Transition boards are placed perpendicular to the deck boards to form a visual boundary between sections of the deck. Combining different patterns is a great way to add interest to a large deck, and transition boards add a border where patterns meet. They divide the deck visually to create distinct areas for sunbathing, grilling, or dining. For a bold look, try using contrasting colors and wide transition boards to design a custom deck pattern that pops. 

TimberTech Advanced PVC decking in Brownstone with curved transition boardTimberTech Advanced PVC decking in Brownstone with curved transition board

Transition boards made from Timbertech PVC decking can even be bent into curves. The deck above features a built-in curved bench with a complementary curved accent board to complete the look.

Deck Inlays

TimberTech Composite in Coastline with Dark Hickory inlayTimberTech Composite in Coastline with Dark Hickory inlay

A deck inlay is a decorative pattern used to either create a focal point, or to delineate separate areas of the deck. Inlays give homeowners a chance to express their creativity with color and pattern for a unique, high-end look. Add interest to a monochromatic deck design with a diamond or herringbone inlay, or make a bold statement by combining two or three colors in a custom inlay.

Timbertech Advanced PVC decking in Mahogany and Coastline, with transition boards in Dark HickoryTimbertech Advanced PVC decking in Mahogany and Coastline, with transition boards in Dark Hickory

A deck inlay requires a skilled carpenter and may need additional support from below, so it’s a good idea to hire a professional installer. Note how the inlay highlights the firepit in the deck featured below.

TimberTech Composite by AZEK, Legacy Collection decking in EspressoTimbertech Composite deck in Ashwood with Espresso inlay

Curved And Circular Decks

Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK in Mahogany, Coastline and Dark Hickory on custom curved seatingTimbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK in Mahogany, Coastline and Dark Hickory on custom curved seating

Curved and circular patterns are the ultimate in custom deck design. Gentle curves add interest and can be used to compliment a landscape design. Built-in benches and shapely deck railings complement the look. Whether you choose a curving inlay or bold circular elements, these rounded shapes offer a high-end alternative to the typical rectangular deck.

Design a Deck Pattern You’ll Love with TimberTech Engineered Decking

TimberTech’s Composite and PVC decking collections make complex flooring patterns possible! Both products are more durable, low maintenance, cost-effective, and insect and moisture resistant than wood deck boards. Explore our TimberTech product guide to learn about the extensive color and product options that are available.

To design a deck you’ll love, you must consider the layout, deck pattern, and materials. The planning process includes the foundation along with the deck pattern because the pattern will impact the spacing of the footings and joists. Ring’s End reps have the expertise to guide your research, so use our online chat or text (203) PRO-HELP to get started.

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