Wall painted in Benjamin Moore AURA interior, Bird's Egg 2051-60, matte

Like most people, you probably begin a painting project by heading to a paint retailer to look at colors. However, because the quality of paint you choose makes such a big difference in the final result, it’s best to choose your brand of paint before color shopping.

High-end products like Benjamin Moore’s AURA® Interior Paint are more of an investment, but are they worth it? We know that ultra-premium AURA interior paint provides better coverage, which saves time and money. However, there are many other factors to consider when choosing paint for your home. In this review, we want to take a closer look at the engineering behind AURA paint, and discover why designers and professional painters consider AURA to be the best interior paint available today.

AURA Interior Paint Performance Features

Exclusive Colors & Extreme Color Stay

Interior designers love AURA premium paint for its exclusive color collection; no other Benjamin Moore paints come in the same shades. Known as Color Stories®, AURA offers the best paint color palette for sophisticated color schemes and bold accent walls. AURA paints are also available in any of the standard 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors. While typical paint colors are made from two to three pigments, the Color Stories collection blends five to seven pigments in each shade to create complex color depth and elevated hues.

AURA is also extremely fade resistant, with a unique and exclusive Color Lock® technology that keeps colors true and long-lasting. Designers know that homes designed with AURA interior paint colors will look great years later, because the acrylic formula prevents color fading even with repeated scrubbing.

Phenomenal Coverage

AURA is a high-solids paint formulated to deliver phenomenal coverage, so you can achieve a beautiful finish with fewer coats, whether spraying or rolling. The high-hiding formula means that your cut-in edges will blend easily with the rolled surface areas.

Superior Leveling

AURA also provides superior “leveling”, which is a paint’s ability to flow into a smooth, consistent surface; this makes brush strokes and lap marks disappear. The paint sheen is uniform across the surface, making touch-ups easier.AURA paint is a self-priming formula in most applications. However, depending on the surface to be painted, you may need to use a primer. Check with one of Ring’s End’s paint professionals in your local store, or chat with us online to determine what you need before getting started.AURA’s superior coverage and durability is ideal for high-traffic areas like living rooms, hallways, and kitchens; Benjamin Moore has even created a mildew-resistant AURA Bath & Spa paint as well as an AURA Exterior version. Let’s take a look at the technology that makes this Benjamin Moore paint product so unique.

AURA Interior Paint Technology Features

Increased Volume Solids

Volume solids refer to the pigment and binder that remain after the other ingredients evaporate and the paint dries. A higher quantity of pigment and binder is a feature of premium paint and provides richer hues and better durability. Forty-eight percent of AURA paint comes from quality solids, which give AURA interior paints a durable finish. Benjamin Moore AURA colors contain the highest amount of volume solids of any paint on the market.

Acrylic Resin Formula

AURA Interior paint is formulated with Benjamin Moore’s acrylic resin. Engineered for substantial film formation from the very first coat, this unique formula uses less paint. The high-hiding formula combines long-term durability with superior depth of color and sheen retention.

Proprietary Color Lock® Technology

Benjamin Moore’s AURA paints are the only products that include their proprietary Color Lock formula. This technology captures the color pigments within special binding molecules that lock them into the paint film. AURA Interior paints have superior resistance to color rub-off, scuffs and fading. This is why so many homeowners choose Benjamin Moore AURA as the best paint for their interior design projects.

Gennex® Color Technology

Most paint brands use chemicals that make it easier to mix their colorants into different types of paint. However, these chemicals actually weaken the paint and affect its long-term performance. Benjamin Moore designed a new system of environmentally-friendly colorants specifically for their paints, called Gennex waterborne colors. By removing unnecessary chemicals they created a simpler, stronger colorant formula. Unlike many paint brands that are less durable in darker colors, Gennex by Benjamin Moore offers Low-VOC and Zero-VOC paints in vibrant, true colors that have proven longevity across the entire spectrum.

As you can see, there’s a lot of engineering behind Benjamin Moore’s paint formulas. Since Gennex color technology was introduced in 2006, AURA paints have had many years to show homeowners that they perform as promised.Once you’ve decided to use AURA interior or exterior paints, it’s important to choose the best finish for your project.

Benjamin Moore AURA Interior Sheens

A paint’s finish, or sheen, is the term for how much light is reflected off its surface. Paint sheens have a range of options from matte to high gloss.

AURA Interior paint is available in four sheens: Matte, Satin, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss. Both matte and eggshell sheens are ideal choices for interior walls, while satin and semi-gloss are popular for cabinetry, doors, and trim. When choosing a paint finish, remember that matte and eggshell sheens make touch-ups easier, but glossy sheens are easier to wipe clean.

  • Matte: A flat finish that minimizes surface imperfections and delivers beautiful color; it’s typically used on walls and ceilings.
  • Eggshell: A low-luster finish, it’s easier to clean and offers rich color with a slight glow. It’s ideal for walls in high-traffic areas.
  • Satin: A low-gloss surface that stays cleaner and stands up to scrubbing better. It’s a practical choice for interior trim, cabinetry, or walls in busy spaces like laundry rooms.
  • Semi-Gloss: A visibly glossy surface that’s smooth and easy to clean; it’s popular for interior trim, doors, shutters, and architectural details.

When you use semi-gloss paint, it’s important that the walls or woodwork are as smooth as possible. Light playing across a glossy surface highlights any imperfections. So fill the dents, caulk all seams, and sand the surface really well to prepare for a glossy finish. If you can’t achieve a smooth surface, consider using a Satin finish paint for a low-luster gleam instead.

The AURA Interior paint collection has the perfect sheen available for any project. Try our favorite designer tip for testing paint swatches in the home; paint a large poster board using a Benjamin Moore half-pint paint color sample; then move it around the room to observe the color on different walls and in different lighting conditions. For more helpful tips on selecting paint products, check out our Interior Paint Guide.

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AURA Interior Paint FAQs

Does Benjamin Moore Aura paint need primer?

AURA Interior paints are self-priming when used on previously painted surfaces. Just be sure the surface is clean, and prepare glossy surfaces by sanding them first. If you’re painting new sheetrock or drywall patches, we recommend priming first. A coat of primer may also be necessary if you’re covering a dark color with a light color. If you’re unsure whether your substrate needs a primer, check with one of Ring’s End’s paint professionals in your local store, or chat with us online to determine what you need before getting started.

Does Aura paint need two coats?

Two coats are recommended to achieve the full effect of a luxury paint finish. However, AURA interior paint’s superior coverage ability means it will cover some surfaces in a single coat. If your project has full coverage after one coat, there’s no need to add another.

How long does it take for Benjamin Moore Aura paint to dry?

AURA Interior paint dries to the touch in about an hour; in humid conditions, it’s best to wait at least two hours before recoating. Acrylic latex paints like AURA will dry in a few hours so you can hang pictures and use the room again, but they take 2-3 weeks to fully cure.

Is Benjamin Moore Aura paint washable?

Yes, you can wash AURA Interior paint with a sponge and plain water or a mild detergent solution. Most household stains wash off easily. Always test your cleaning mixture in an inconspicuous area before using. Let the new paint cure for at least three weeks before washing.

Is Benjamin Moore Aura the Best Interior Paint?

With its proven performance and a palette of over 3,500 colors, AURA Interior paint has many fans. Some people shy away from the price of premium paint, but any professional will tell you it is well worth the price. An ultra-premium paint brand like AURA requires fewer coats and provides a superior-looking and lasting result. If you hire a professional painter, any savings from buying lower-quality paint will be spent on labor, because you’ll need an extra coat. With its designer-approved Color Stories and professional-grade results, it’s easy to see why AURA Interior paint has become the go-to brand for millions of homeowners.