Review of Benjamin Moore Regal Select vs. AURA Interior Paint

Benjamin Moore offers two premium paint lines, Regal Select and AURA paint. Both products are formulated for high performance; Regal Select is a Premium paint formula, and AURA is an Ultra-Premium paint product. Professional painters often use more than one paint in a home because individual spaces have different needs. Depending on your needs and budget, you might decide to use both Regal Select and AURA paints throughout different parts of your home. Once you understand the differences between AURA and Regal Select paints it’ll be easier to determine the best paint for your project.

Best uses for AURA vs. Regal Select paint

Benjamin Moore AURA Paint

Benjamin Moore AURA interior on kitchen wall

AURA is Benjamin Moore’s ultra-premium paint line, available in both interior and exterior formulations. AURA is made from acrylic resin and is self-priming for durable coverage with fewer coats. AURA is Benjamin Moore’s thickest paint, which provides extreme color-hide. It requires just two coats for complete coverage, even with dramatic changes in color value (a color’s lightness or darkness). It is fast-drying with superior leveling, leaving an ultra-smooth finish. Benjamin Moore AURA paint colors are also made with more pigments than any other paint to create unique, elevated shades that last, even against heavy wear and tear. AURA paints are available in all of Benjamin Moore’s 3500+ colors, plus AURA Color Stories—an exclusive collection of 240 hues that are specially formulated with extra pigments for an accentuated response to changes in light.

You can buy AURA interior paints in four finishes: Matte, Eggshell, Satin, and Semi-Gloss. AURA Exterior is available in Flat, Low Lustre, Satin, and Semi-Gloss.

Benjamin Moore AURA paint is the best choice for: Hiding big color changes; durability and scuff-resistance in high traffic areas that need heavy scrubbing like kitchens, entry rooms, or kids’ rooms; an ultra premium, smooth finish that holds fast for years.


Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint

Benjamin Moore Regal Select on bedroom wall and trim

Regal Select is Benjamin Moore’s premium paint line, which is also available in both interior and exterior paint formulations. The acrylic resin formula is designed to cover in fewer coats than standard paint, with a faster drying time and reduced splattering. Regal Select is a popular choice for DIY projects because it speeds up painting projects and produces a durable surface at a competitive price point. Like AURA, it provides a smooth, premium finish that is washable and long-lasting. However, it can take more coats to build the same level of thickness compared to AURA, so Regal Select performs best when covering colors with a similar value, such as a light gray over beige.

Regal Select interior paint comes in over 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors and five different sheens: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl, and Semi-Gloss finishes. Regal Select exterior paint is available in Flat, Low Lustre, and Soft Gloss.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select paint is the best choice when: You are looking for a durable, and washable paint that offers a flat finish and easy touch-ups; you are refreshing wall paint with a color that is close in brightness to the original color; you want a smooth, beautiful finish at a lower price point than ultra-premium AURA.


What is the difference between AURA and Regal Select paints?

Both Regal Select and AURA paints are high-performance products, ideal for use throughout the home’s interior and exterior. The technology behind AURA and Regal Select interior is very similar, but the differences become apparent when you look at the coverage, performance, color availability, and sheens for each line of paint.

Let’s look at the winner in each category and explore what sets these paint products apart:

Regal Select vs. AURA overall performance


Both Regal Select and AURA are high-quality interior paints formulated for solid, smoother coverage compared to standard lines of paint. However, AURA is an ultra-premium formulation that does not need a separate primer coat in most situations. AURA is self-priming on most surfaces and when covering all but the darkest of paint colors.

Regal Select is also self-priming, but requires a primer coat on unpainted surfaces and when making dramatic color shifts. Since AURA paint offers slightly better coverage than Regal, it can cover some walls in a single coat. So while AURA is pricier than Regal, the difference in cost is only significant if you need a large quantity of paint, or if you’re doing the work yourself. If you’re paying a professional painter, painting fewer coats helps you save money on labor. Superior coverage is one of the reasons it makes sense to buy either a premium paint like Regal Select or an ultra-premium paint like AURA.

Regal Select vs. AURA coverage

Durability Performance

Known for their washability, both Regal and AURA are durable enough for busy families. Regal Select paint is washable, but also stain resistant so it releases soil without heavy scrubbing. However, AURA is recommended for high-traffic areas because it not only creates a scrubbable surface, but also contains scuff-resistant properties. Repeated cleaning is less likely to create shiny areas (known as burnishing); the AURA paint formula also prevents color rub-off.

Regal Select vs. AURA durability and performance

Color Technology & Options

Both Regal and AURA interior paints are made using the Benjamin Moore's proprietary Gennex® water-based pigment formula, which offers superior depth of color and vibrancy. AURA paint also incorporates Benjamin Moore’s ColorLock® Technology, which embeds the pigment in binding molecules that lock the color into the paint film. This technology offers superior resistance to color rub-off, UV damage and fading. It’s the reason many contractors and homeowners think Benjamin Moore AURA is the best paint on the market today.

While Regal Select paint can be mixed in any of Benjamin Moore’s standard collection of 3500+ colors, AURA offers even more options. The AURA Color Stories collection consists of 240 full-spectrum colors with enhanced depth and vibrancy. While most paint lines only use two or three, ColorStories hues are mixed using five to seven pigments.

Benjamin Moore Regal vs. AURA Color Quality

Interior Paint Sheens

Paint sheen is the term we use to describe how much light reflects off the painted surface. Paint sheens (also called finishes) range from flat to glossy with a few options in between.

  • Flat paint is good at hiding surface imperfections and delivers beautiful color; it’s typically used on walls and ceilings. Easy to touch up.
  • Matte finish is a richer flat finish with a velvety-looking surface; it’s ideal for walls and ceilings. Easy to touch up.
  • Pearl and Eggshell are easier to clean and offer rich color with a slight glow. They are used to give interior walls a more elegant finish.
  • Satin has a soft gloss that wipes down easily; it’s a practical choice for interior doors and trim. Use this quality paint in entry areas, laundry rooms and bathrooms.
  • Semi-Gloss is more moisture resistant and easy to clean; this medium gloss finish is popular for doors, interior trim, or high traffic spots that need frequent cleaning, like bathroom walls.

Both Regal Select and AURA are available in a range of sheens to suit almost any project. AURA comes in Matte, Eggshell, Satin, and Semi-Gloss. Regal Select offers more options: Flat, Matte, Eggshell, Pearl, and Semi-Gloss. Neither of these paint lines have a high-gloss option; for doors and cabinetry in high-gloss, check out Benjamin Moore Advance interior paint.

Benjamin Moore Regal vs. AURA Sheen Variety

Now that we’ve explored the differences between AURA and Regal Select interior paints, we can look at the features side by side to see how different they really are:

Comparison of features in Benjamin Moore Regal Select vs. AURA paint

Benjamin Moore Premium Paint Technology

Both AURA and Regal Select interior paints contain Benjamin Moore’s proprietary acrylic resin formula. Designed to replace oil and latex paints with a cleaner formula, acrylic resin is the basis for Benjamin Moore’s safer and healthier Low-VOC and Zero-VOC paint products. It was engineered to form a substantial film on the very first coat, filling minute surface imperfections and leveling up beautifully. This unique formula uses less paint, and creates a durable coating with superior depth of color and lasting sheen.

Paint formula and technology features in Regal Select and AURA

Regal Select and AURA interior paints also contain more volume solids than other paints. Volume solids are the pigment and binder molecules left after the other elements evaporate and the paint dries. Premium paints contain higher quantities of pigment and binder to provide more complex, richer colors and superior durability. More than forty percent of AURA and Regal paints come from quality solids.

Benjamin Moore designed a new system of waterborne colorants specifically for their paints called Gennex Color Technology. Paint colorants typically use chemicals that make it easier to mix them into different types of paint. However, these chemical components actually weaken the paint’s performance and cause indoor air pollution. Benjamin Moore has removed these chemicals to create a simpler and longer-lasting water-based colorant formula while exceeding the strictest environmental standards. Both AURA and Regal Select use Gennex Color Technology to improve the durability of darker shades and provide Low-vOC and Zero-vOC paints in vibrant, true colors.

What is the highest quality Benjamin Moore paint?

With its superior coverage and advanced ColorLock technology, Benjamin Moore AURA is the brand’s highest quality interior paint. However, when you look at the features of Regal Select paint it is clear that this premium paint also offers reliable performance and a high-quality finish. Whether you choose AURA or Regal, or a combination of both for your home, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.

How to Buy Benjamin Moore AURA & Regal Select Online

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