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Painting Brick Correctly to Protect and Preserve it

Painting Brick Correctly to Protect and Preserve it

One of the most enduring and well-known building materials of all time, the appearance of brick has evolved over the years to come in many different colors to suit all design preferences. While red brick is traditional, it can come across as dated on older homes, which is why many designers and homeowners have turned to painting it to get a fresh, clean look.

As brick is porous, it requires special attention when it comes to painting so that you don’t damage it or wear it down prematurely. Regular house paint won’t work on brick – you’ll need high-quality masonry paint that will protect and preserve the brick surface.

If you’re looking to paint brick—whether the exterior of your brick house, an exposed wall, or a brick fireplace—we’ve compiled this guide to explain how to paint brick correctly so that you can enjoy a beautiful finish for years to come.

What is Masonry Paint?

Brick house painted with white masonry paint

Masonry paint is a type of paint specifically designed for brick walls. It's formulated to protect the brick from weathering and other damage while still allowing it to breathe. Applying masonry paint is a bit different than regular exterior paint, so it's important to follow the instructions carefully. With a little effort, you can easily give your brick home a new look in the color of your choosing.

before and after masonry paint on a brick house

Ring’s End offers we have two kinds of masonry paint by Romabio: Masonry Textured and Masonry Flat. Our most popular choice, flat paint, results in a smooth painted surface. Alternatively, textured paint contains aggregate that creates a textured finish. Whichever look you prefer, both provide the same durability and no-chip results for your brick, stone, concrete, stucco and other masonry projects.

Top Benefits of Using Romabio Masonry Paint

white brick house painted with masonry paint

Wondering what makes Romabio masonry paints so special? Besides their good looks, here are some of the top benefits of using this specially formulated masonry paints.


Romabio paints are highly permeable, with a permeability rating of 70+. The microcrystalline structure of the paint naturally protects brick from precipitation and humidity and allows any moisture in the brick to evaporate. Regular acrylic paint, on the other hand, traps moisture in the brick which can lead to problems like mold, mildew, and structural damage.

The protective qualities of masonry paint is not only beneficial in preserving your brick from damage, but dry brick is going to provide more insulation than brick that is soaked through. This, in turn, can cut down on your energy expenses as air conditioning and heating are prevented from escaping.


As exterior brick is exposed to the elements, it’s very important to use high-end masonry paint that will keep your brick from showing wear and tear. Romabio masonry paints are formulated to be long-lasting without ever peeling or flaking. They act as a shield to protect the integrity of your brick and lengthen its lifespan.


While acrylic paints contain combustible chemicals, but masonry paints are designed to be fire-resistant on exterior and interior brick. Your safety is important!

Luminosity & Color

The high mineral content of masonry paints creates vibrant hues that won’t fade in the sun. The color you choose in the beginning is the color you’ll be able to enjoy for decades.

Odorless & Toxin Free

While regular acrylic paints contain chemicals that can be harmful to your health, Romabio paints are virtually odorless with no toxic emissions.

Natural Mold Resistance

In addition to their high permeability, these natural masonry paints are formulated to be mold and fungus-resistant.


It’s incredibly important to have UV-resistant paint when you are painting the exterior of your home to protect from fading and the degradation of the brick.


Unlike acrylic and latex paints, mineral-based paints are made from natural ingredients like raw potassium silicate that do not require petrochemical processing to produce.


Romabio paints are safe for all to use — they don’t contribute to asthma or allergies.

How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Brick

white brick house painted with masonry paint

Looking to give your home a fresh coat of paint? One of the most obvious, yet also hardest choices you’ll make is deciding on a color. If you're not sure where to start, consider choosing a color that complements the metal finishes on your home or your interior design style.

Of course, you can also make the choice simple by opting for classic white. White brick and whitewashing has been very popular recently because it provides a clean, contemporary look that instantly brightens the appearance of your home. Other popular colors for brick include gray, beige, and shades of green.

whitewashed brick house

Don’t see the color you were looking for? We also offer the option of custom tinted masonry paint to match any Benjamin Moore color.


Painting Brick Vs. Limewashing
comparison of masory paint vs. limewashing on a brick house

There are two main ways to change the look of your brick: painting and limewashing. Limewashing involves using a special blend of slaked lime, which is a blend of water and the mineral lime that has been aged for over a year. Our Classico Limewash creates a weathered look where you can see some of the underlying color of the original brick. This unique effect brings European charm to a traditional brick house.

On the other hand, masonry paint coats the entirety of the brick so that it doesn’t matter what color your brick was to begin with – it will be completely covered. It results in a solid, flat finish that will look fresh and beautiful while protecting your brick from the elements.

DIY Instructions for Painting Brick in 5 Steps

white house painted with masonry paint

Once you’ve selected your color, it’s time to start your paint job! You can either hire professionals to paint your house or if you are crafty, try your hand at a DIY project. Just be sure to follow our application instructions carefully to get the results you want.

1. Apply Primer (if needed)

If your brick has previously been treated or you are looking to repaint it, then you will need a coat of primer. To test if your brick has been treated, splash some water on it to see if it absorbs it. If the droplets bead off, rather than being absorbed, then you need a primer. A primer will help the paint to better adhere to the brick exterior and will also provide some protection. Wait until the primer has set before moving on to painting.

2. Gather Your Supplies

Make sure you have the correct amount of paint in the right color before starting to paint. With Romabio masonry paints, you’ll need to dilute the paint solution with water – check the correct ratio here. You’ll also need a paint roller, paintbrush, or paint sprayer as well as a mixing bucket.

3. Wash and Dampen Your Brick

Before painting, we recommend power washing the exterior of your brick to remove any dirt. You can use a wire brush with some soapy water to get off any remaining debris. If there are any crevices in the brick, be sure to fill them with acrylic caulk before painting. The brick should be damp when you go to paint.

4. Paint

Apply your high-quality masonry paint to the surface of the brick. Be sure to get into the small nooks and crannies so that everything is coated evenly. You will likely need at least two coats of paint. Let the first coat dry for 4-8 hours before applying the second coat.

5. Enjoy!

There’s nothing better than seeing the results of your brick makeover. The best part is that Romabio masonry paints are guaranteed to last for twenty years when applied correctly!

Making the Best Choice for Your Brick

Romabio has brought together the best ancient, natural-based mineral and lime technologies to create masonry paints that will stand the test of time. Not only do these paints look beautiful on every masonry surface, but they are natural, clean, and high-performing, so you can appreciate your home’s exterior for many years.

Painting brick is one of the top ways to boost your curb appeal easily and cost-effectively, and with this advanced painting solutions available from Ring’s End, you’ll do so without harming the environment or sacrificing quality.

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