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Romabio Masonry Flat


Masonry Flat is a high-performing, mineral masonry paint made for extreme durability for the interior or exterior. A beautiful, permanent flat finish that is naturally mold resistant, toxin-free, and environmentally friendly. Mineral paints are breathable and calcify to the masonry surface allowing moisture to release creating a longer-lasting finish with low maintenance.

  • Ideal for brick, stone, stucco, and cementitious siding
  • Will not chip, peel or flake off
  • 20 Year warranty, if applied properly
  • 2 coats, no additional primer for unpainted, absorbent masonry
  • Pressure wash and paint on the same day as masonry surfaces must be dampened


Interior/Exterior Absorbent, Unpainted Brick & Stone (No Primer needed); Unabsorbent Or Glossy Brick/Hardie Board/Cementitious Board/Concrete/CMU Block/ Portland or Gypsum Stucco (MicroGrip Primer)

Learn how to paint brick correctly to protect and preserve it with Romabio Mineral Paints.

As low as $30.99
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  • Dampen masonry surface
  • Must be diluted prior to application
  • 2 Coat application
  • Apply with a brush, roller, or an HVLP or airless sprayer
  • Very flat finish

*IMPORTANT: DO NOT LET MASONRY FLAT & TEXTURED SET ON MASONRY SURFACES THAT ARE NOT TO BE PAINTED. If they do get on them, remove them immediately. You can use mild acids like vinegar or muriatic acid for harder cleaning if necessary.*

More Information
Series/Sub-BrandMasonry Flat
Color FamilyTintable
Manufacturer CodeBIOD1

Application: Pressure wash and thoroughly clean all surfaces prior to application. Mild soaps are acceptable, but usually not necessary. If they are used, make sure all residue is gone before painting. For absorbent, unpainted masonry surfaces, wet the wall or leave it damp from the initial cleaning. You don’t need to have running water on it, but it should not be dry, anything in the middle is fine. For all other surfaces, prep the same as with any other type of painting. Apply in 50-90°F. Do not apply if the temperature drops below freezing in the first 36-48 hours after application. Apply like other traditional paint products. Do not try to achieve perfect coverage with the first coat. Apply the first coat and allow the paint to dry 4-8 hours before applying the second coat. Two coats are a condition of the 20 year limited warranty for Masonry Flat and Masonry Textured. Touch up at any time because of the flat finish.


1 Coat:    1L/1QT    2.5L/0.67GAL    15L/4GAL

Square Feet:    65-85    165-215    1000-1300

Square Meters:    19-26    50-65    305-396

Clean up: Soap and Water

Dry Time: 4 - 8 hours

Recommended Dilution:  

%    1L/1QT.    2.5L/0.67GAL    15L/4GAL

20%    200ml    500ml    500ml

25%    250ml    625ml    625ml

30%    300ml    750ml    750ml

*If you pour the paint into a separate bucket and store the undiluted paint, you can store it for many years as the concentrated product has an extremely long shelf life. If you pour the water directly into the paint bucket and store the diluted paint, then this will reduce the shelf life, and depending on storage it may only last a short period. If you paint directly out of the container, this may contaminate it so we do not recommend storing it for future use.*

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