Ring's End Expertise: How to Measure an Interior Door

Learn How to Measure For Replacing or Installing a New Interior Door

This article will teach you how to measure to replace a pre-hung door, which is an entirely new door system consisting of the door frame without the casing, the door panel, the applied stops, and the door panel pre-bored. To learn more about the anatomy of an interior door and to understand the terminology, check out this video and article: The Anatomy of an Interior Door.

Preparing the Rough Opening

First, you will want to make sure the door opening is in its “rough” state, without any door panel or trim or moulding surrounding it. If you have trim in your doorway, you will have to pry it off before measuring for a pre-hung door.

How to Get Accurate Measurements For an Interior Door

Once you have a rough opening, you will measure the width and height of the opening with a tape measure. To make sure you’re getting an accurate measurement, you’ll want to measure the width in three locations: top, middle, and bottom. The smallest measurement will be your width. Measure the same way for the height, but in two places – measure on the left and the right, and take the smaller measurement. This will ensure that the pre-hung door fits into the rough opening.

Once you have your measurements, bring them into any one of Ring’s End’s full-service locations and we can help you find the perfect door for your project.