New Construction - Doherty & DeLeo Development - Darien, CT

Construction projects are highly structured endeavors, it doesn’t matter if you are building a commercial property or single-family home.  There are many moving parts and staying on track is essential.

In new construction, there are several phases, each with particular scheduling that must be monitored to stay on course.  The coordination of different crews for specific pieces of your project can be affected when materials aren’t top quality and consistent.   A longtime partner of Ring’s End, Doherty & DeLeo Development is known in Fairfield County for high-quality construction in the space of new custom homes, remodeling, and spec homes.

Collectively, John Doherty and Ken DeLeo have over 50 years of experience and have completed over 150 new homes and countless remodeling projects in Fairfield County.  Both raised in the industry locally in Stamford, the roots of their experience and business are planted with various local businesses in the area.  Aside from Ring’s End, Doherty & DeLeo are loyal to the many sub-contractors and architects they invite to be a part of their team, with long-standing relationships of over 20 years.

In their latest project, which happens to be the future home of John and his family, they once again turned to Ring’s End to provide them with the highest quality building materials.  From consistent rough lumber to create structurally sound foundations to interior finishes, Ring’s End is able to provide solutions from start to finish.

In addition to their wide breadth of premium products, Ring’s End provides added value in the way of expertise and unparalleled service to their customers, both pros and homeowners alike, that can’t be found at other lumberyards no matter the size.  This is an important factor when builders, such as John and Ken are looking to source materials and develop relationships.

They are able to rely on Ring’s End to keep schedules on track, knowing all the material will be delivered on time.  If more materials are needed, they can reach out to their local Ring’s End lumberyard by phone, online, or even by texting 203-PRO-HELP and can expect additional supplies in a timely manner, keeping the project’s progress going.

For this home, the open floor plan required engineered lumber materials from Weyerhaeuser to ensure it was supported and up to code.  Through a special order, Ring’s End procured 8x8 Weyerhaeuser Parallam PSL posts supporting the 11-7/8 Microllam LVLs and 11-7/8 TJIs. With this open floor plan the contractors need to span a long length, so notice the 3 steel Flitch plates in between LVLs for added strength in the picture below.

Engineered wood products such as laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and parallel strand lumber (PSL) help builders and contractors develop the best structural solutions for the complicated framing that accompanies open floor plans.  Ring’s End stocks most of these products at their 8 full-service lumberyards to ensure a healthy inventory for their customers.

As they always do, Doherty & Deleo installed Elevate windows from Marvin.  “I have been building for 35 years. This is the fifth house I have built for myself and every one of them has had Marvin Windows, I couldn’t see myself using anything else”, says John of his automatic decision.

This home includes two large Marvin Elevate Sliding French Doors which provide access to the home’s patio space through the main kitchen and living area.  The Marvin Elevate Sliding French Door combines the elegance and wider side stiles and top rails of a French door with the practical, space-saving design a sliding door offers.

For the exterior of this waterfront home in Noroton Bay, Boral’s Kleer PVC trim was used to create an aesthetically pleasing character that will stand up to the aggressive weather patterns of a home on Connecticut’s coastline.  This product is easy to mill and similar to the premium framing lumber Ring’s End provides, Kleer PVC trim boards are consistently straight and free of defects, which means no waste on your job site.

The home is sided in Maibec eastern white cedar shingles.  As the recognized benchmark for quality in our industry, Maibec shingles can be used to enhance the original beauty of your home, emphasize its architectural details, or pair harmoniously with other materials for a more contemporary look. For centuries, homeowners have preferred the naturally durable properties of eastern white cedar for their exterior shingles. For this home, John chose the Nantucket style pre-finished shingles with two coats of ultra-white stain.  The durable white finish will tolerate the cold winters and hot summers, remaining crisp for years to come.

Ring’s End understands that on a project site, every minute counts.  Deliveries need to arrive on time with the correct material, placed in the most ideal location on your site.  We know having a large selection of premium products and solutions can make a difference to our customers' projects and business.  It is our goal to develop relationships similar to the longstanding partnership we have with Doherty & DeLeo Development, one where our customers trust and rely on us to elevate their business.

We are looking forward to following this project as it progresses to the interior finishes stage and hope to share more of this custom home in the upcoming months.