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PVC Boards FAQs

What is PVC board used for?

PVC board is very versatile and can be used in construction and home design DIY projects. They are often used for exterior trim, mouldings, deck skirting, and porch roofing, and have become one of the most popular materials in home design due to their availability and numerous advantages.

How long does PVC last?

The PVC products that we supply are engineered for long life—decades even. That’s why they come with a 25-year limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. Unlike wood, PVC products don't rot from mold and are durable against the elements and inclement weather.

Is PVC waterproof?

Yes, it's called cellular PVC trim because of the manufacturing process in which the structure resembles a honeycomb shape. This ensures it stays waterproof and immune to moisture damage.

Can you nail Cellular PVC trim boards?

We recommend using Kleer’s Cortex Fasteners for all Kleer PVC applications. You can nail PVC as well, but we recommend using stainless steel nails if you do.

How much do PVC boards cost?

PVC trim boards are generally priced higher than traditional wood trim boards, such as primed pine. However, unlike wood products, PVC trim boards typically last longer given their unique resistance to moisture, sun exposure, and other weather-related wear and tear. Also, PVC trim boards require almost zero maintenance compared to alternative wood trim boards.

What are the shipping and delivery options?

At Ring's End, we carry a vast collection of brands in home interior and exterior products for almost any project. In addition to low prices and consistent availability, we've worked hard to expand our delivery and shipping options to save you time and convenience. Our PVC brands supply sheets, trim, and corners that vary in length and come in different thicknesses.

We deliver PVC board to all in-network locations covering most of Connecticut, portions of Westchester County, NW, and select areas in Rhode Island.

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