Finished Home - Hemingway Construction - Shippan Point Stamford, CT

With a commitment to quality and evolution in home building, Hemingway Construction has been a partner of Ring’s End for over 25 years.  Founded in the early 1970s by Sal Sciarretta when he moved from Italy to Connecticut with a passion for superior craftsmanship, Hemingway Construction is known for creating homes with a high level of sophistication.

For the past 27 years, Peter — son of Founder and President Sal Sciarretta — has grown Hemingway in Greenwich, Connecticut into an award-winning, high-end residential construction company, overseeing and managing the plan, design, and development of residences in Fairfield, Westchester, and Palm Beach counties.  A family business, Peter is joined by his brother-in-law, Douglas Horn, and nephew, Michael Sciarretta, who share in his vision to continue building a legacy as a leader in the building industry.

A familiar face in many of Ring’s End's locations, Peter works closely with his team to ensure his business and building continue to evolve by offering the latest products, applications, and solutions to his customers.  He sees Ring’s End as a gateway to the expertise and education it takes to propel his home building to the future.  Through in-person and virtual training offered by Ring’s End, Peter is able to trust he is aware of new codes, low maintenance materials, and new components in building science that Hemingway Construction can incorporate into projects.  Relying on Ring’s End to stay on top of these trends, is key in Hemingway’s success.

The Shippan Point home featured in the latest Ring’s End Projects video series is a reflection of the strong relationships Hemingway Construction has developed with Architect Robert Cardello and Ring’s End.  Cardello provided the roadmap to a home that is mindful of the owner’s needs and wants, while also inspiring Hemingway to push the envelope in execution using the most premium materials from Ring’s End. 

Building on the water introduces its own set of questions and together, Hemingway Construction and Ring’s End were able to find solutions to the unique intricacies of waterfront homes, another testament to their relationship of over 25 years.  With any waterfront home, the exterior needs to be durable and withstand the wide range of temperature and weather patterns of coastal New England.  For this home, Hemingway used Boral’s KLEER PVC trim and premium Maibec eastern white cedar shingles to create a timeless and practical look. 

Kleer PVC trimboards give builders the ability to create exterior trim styles without the risk of splitting, cracking, or checking.  Made from expanded cellular PVC, you can create corners, fascia, soffits, casings, and cornices to look like natural wood, with the technology to resist dirt, UV rays and withstand the elements, perfect for a home overlooking Long Island Sound. 

As a coastal home, Maibec eastern white cedar shingles fit both the aesthetic design and functional need as an exterior siding solution for this home.  Maibec shingles can be used to enhance the original beauty of a home, emphasize its architectural details, or pair harmoniously with other materials for a more contemporary look as it does in this Hemingway Construction project.


Elevate windows from The Marvin Brand, provided the home with a bright, clean, and transitional design.  The windows and doors not only provide access to the water views but also protection from the elements due to Marvin’s proprietary fiberglass exterior which outperforms and outlasts vinyl, roll-form aluminum, and other fiberglass composites.  The warm wood interiors add timeless beauty making Elevate a natural selection for the project.

Most notably, the custom INTEX Millwork pergola in the rear of the house overlooking the sound was engineered from Cellular Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC); this material offers the ultimate combination of durability and design-ability.  The outdoor space is anchored under this custom pergola, which makes an architectural statement all its own and will stand the test of time as it is will not rot, crack, or peel and is resistant to bugs and UV rays.

It is clear Hemingway Construction’s mission is to build well and provide their customers with magazine-quality homes while meeting their needs and wants.  It is through strong partnerships with architects such as Cardello and a supplier such as Ring’s End that they are able to achieve this mission and evolve in an ever-changing industry.

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