Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint Review - Is it Worth it?

 While choosing the color of your ceiling is an important consideration, the type of paint also matters! Rather than using regular interior wall paint, you should consider using paint specifically formulated for ceilings. Benjamin Moore Waterborne® Ceiling Paint is a premium product with a special acrylic formulation that covers ceiling imperfections to create a smooth, beautiful finish. Not only does this product offer an abundance of color choices and an easy-to-apply formula, it's also environmentally conscious, leaving behind no toxic fumes. Read our review of Benjamin Moore’s Waterborne Ceiling Paint to discover how this ceiling paint performs.

Benefits of Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Room with ceiling painted in Benjamin Moore Copley Gray using Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint in Ultra Flat finish

Bedroom with ceilings painted in Copley Gray by Benjamin Moore in Ultra Flat finish

An Ultra-Flat Finish That Hides Flaws

This paint is formulated with an ultra flat sheen that hides imperfections and gives your ceiling a velvety-smooth look. It is the flattest finish Benjamin Moore offers in paint. While glossy, satin, or eggshell paints are great for catching the light in small spaces or on the walls, they can make flaws stand out. The ultra flat finish of Benjamin Moore Ceiling Paint hides drywall bumps, textural inconsistencies, and ceiling repair lines, while its light-absorption qualities reduce glare.

An Easy-to-Apply Ceiling Paint

Painting the ceiling can seem daunting, but this paint is user-friendly and easy to apply. It is particularly splatter-resistant—an important quality when rolling paint on ceilings. It is high-hiding—great for covering stains—and self-priming on most surfaces to save you time and money on coats. 

Zero VOCs

Unlike many other paints on the market, this ceiling paint is made with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Having a low or zero VOC level means that it is more environmentally and health-friendly and will not release toxic fumes into the air.

Waterborne Ceiling Paint is specially formulated to create minimal spatter. This is extremely helpful when you are painting the ceiling! It keeps both you and your space a lot cleaner, and minimizes the mess left behind.

Plenty of Open Time

This paint has an ample open time, which makes it easier to achieve a professional result. “Open time” refers to the working time of a paint, or the time available for a painter to return and touch up any drips or other marks in the wet paint and create a smooth finish. A longer open time makes it easier to recoat and blend adjacent ceiling sections with minimal lapping for a matte, uniform look.

Engineered with Gennex® Color Technology

Most paint formulations contain certain chemicals that actually cause the paint to fade over time. Benjamin Moore's proprietary color formula removes these chemicals entirely. Gennex® Color Technology encapsulates the pigments within the painted surface to produce vibrant hues that will stay true for years.

Living room painted with Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint in Chelsea Gray

Living room painted with Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint in Chelsea Gray

Infinite Colors Available

Every home is unique and you should be able to find the right paint color to suit your needs. Tint your Waterborne Ceiling Paint in any of 3,500 Benjamin Moore colors—there is truly a shade to meet every home design style. Rather than limit your ceilings to a stark white, try out some paint samples to find a hue that complements your wall colors and interior design palette. 

Where to Use Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint 

Wondering if this ceiling paint is right for your project? It is designed for both commercial and residential use. It can be used on new or previously painted wallboard, cured masonry, acoustical ceiling tile, wallpapered surfaces, plaster, and another ceiling substrates. You truly can’t beat this Waterborne Ceiling Paint when it comes to coverage, quality, and ability to last.

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You can order Benjamin Moore's ceiling paint right here on Ring’s End's website and have it shipped quickly and conveniently anywhere in the U.S. Whether you love DIY projects or prefer to hire professionals, with the right ceiling paint you can feel confident that you’ll love the end result! For more helpful tips on selecting paint products, check out our Interior Paint Guide.


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