Our Top 13 Favorite Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors

Open any design magazine and you’ll see right away that bright white paint colors are popular these days. However, a pure white color is too stark for most homes. Interior designers rely on a white color’s undertones to cool down a bright space, make a room feel warm and cozy, or counteract the gray skies of a cold climate. Premium paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore offers many custom white paint colors that are excellent for both walls and trim, as well as popular shades of white that have distinct undertones. We’ve gathered our favorites here so you can see top whites side-by-side and decide which ones you’d like to try at home!

Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors

Most Popular Benjamin Moore White

Built-in Bookcases in Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17Built-in Bookcases in Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17

Benjamin Moore's White Dove is the most popular Benjamin Moore white paint color for not only walls, but also trim and cabinetry. White Dove is a classic creamy white that sits comfortably between a cool or warm white paint color. While it has barely-there gray undertones, it’s a complex white that will warm up with subtle ivory undertones in certain lighting conditions.

White Dove works beautifully with marble and stone, so it’s an excellent choice for bathrooms and kitchens. This elegant paint color adds richness and depth to built-in shelving, fireplaces, and architectural moldings.

The Best Cool White Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

Cool whites are paint colors that have blue, green, or cool gray undertones. They are often preferred in south-facing rooms where the light tends to be slightly warm, due to the sun coming in all day. Most whites can work in a southern-facing room, but the amount of light exposure tends to create a yellow-white light that may wash out colors a bit, so cool white paint colors may balance out the natural warm light.

Cool colors also have the ability to make a smaller room feel larger, so cooler whites are often used in bathrooms or small bedrooms.

Kitchen in Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Chantilly Lace

With a light reflectance value (LRV) of 92, Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is one of the closest paint colors you’ll find to a true white. Its neutrality makes it a favorite white paint for trim or ceilings, but don't pass over this color for a bright interior! It has very few undertones, and gives off a cool and silky aura—the perfect choice for an all-white look or as a complement to blacks and deep jewel tones. 

Bedroom with Benjamin Moore Oxford White Walls

White Heron/Oxford White

White Heron (also known as Oxford White) is a bright off-white that also has very subtle cool green undertones. It’s a popular choice for both walls and trim color in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms. Widely considered a neutral close to Chantilly Lace, White Heron has barely-there cool undertones that make this a consistently white paint color, even in a sunny room. However, paired with other cool paint colors, it may feel a bit stark, so be sure to order a paint sample to see how it appears with the lighting in your home. 

Living Room in Benjamin Moore Super White

Super White

One of the best all-around white paints, Benjamin Moore’s Super White appears to be a bright, pure white in most rooms. However, subtle cool undertones create nuanced color shifts throughout the day. Super White appears cooler in early morning light, and a bit warmer in bright afternoon sun. Super White amplifies the color temperature of artificial lighting so it’s ideal for rooms that use custom lighting to create a mood. The neutral, reflective quality of this cool white paint color makes it a favorite of architects and designers. Super White is a crisp white that works beautifully with gray shades and cool tones.

Home office with Benjamin Moore Turquoise Powder on lower walls and Pure White on top

Pure White

Benjamin Moore’s Pure White walks the line between a cool and warm white, featuring gray and blue undertones but with an LRV of 78.94 that distances it from brighter options that are closer to a true white. Afternoon sun will bring out its warmth, but without the yellow hues of a true warm white. 

Bathroom in Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Decorator's White

With a light reflectance value or LRV of around 84.61, Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White is close to a true white. However, when it’s used alongside a brighter white like Chantilly Lace you can tell it’s not pure white; its slightly cool undertones will show. Decorator’s White is the perfect choice for either interior or exterior paint when you want a true white that’s not too bright or stark.

Dining Room in Benjamin Moore Paper White

Paper White

If you’re looking for a cool white paint that can pull together an open plan home, check out Paper White. This soft white has cool undertones with a hint of green to keep it from feeling cold. Choose Paper White for all the walls, and create contrast by trimming it with a bright white like Benjamin Moore’s Super White. Paper White is a rich, versatile white that complements gray marble finishes, so it’s a great choice for the master bath or kitchen. Use Paper White in both traditional and modern interiors for a touch of sophistication.

Bedroom in Benjamin Moore White Wisp

White Wisp

The strong gray undertones of White Wisp give it just enough tint to create contrast against a brighter white paint. We love how an interplay of whites can add a modern touch, especially in open-plan homes. Cool whites are an ideal backdrop for art, while neutral whites make woodwork pop. White Wisp is a refreshing white that will maintain its cool even in warm, South-facing rooms. Paired with a neutral white, it subtly marks the ceiling line in this bedroom.

Entry Benjamin Moore Frostine


Looking for a cool, modern white that’s not too bright? Frostine is a frosty white with a shadowy look that highlights architectural trim and paneling, especially as part of a cool-toned palette. Blue-green undertones make Frostine the perfect companion for cool shades like navy, eggplant, or black.

The Best Warm White Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

Warm whites are colors that have a red, pink or yellow undertone, and sometimes even hints of orange undertones. They are often preferred in north-facing rooms where natural light has a cooler blue or gray tone. Blue or gray undertones in cool white paint colors will often feel even more pronounced in this light, so opting for warm white paints instead can balance the atmosphere. Where cool white colors can make a room feel larger, warm whites make a space feel cozy. This makes it a favorite tone for large rooms and open spaces with lots of natural light.

Wall in Benjamin Moore Simply White with doors in Wolf Gray

Simply White

Simply White is a bright white paint color with soft warm undertones. This crisp white is a popular choice for walls, ceilings, trim, and cabinetry. It’s a modern shade of white; bright and reflective for contemporary spaces, and rich and complex for a traditional home.

Simply White is the perfect all-over color for an open-plan space. It works beautifully on trim work and kitchen cabinets to complement deeper wall colors and even pairs well with white quartz countertops – typically a tricky match to find. A popular white paint color, Benjamin Moore Simply White is part of the Benjamin Moore Modern Farmhouse color palette and was chosen Color of the Year in 2016.

Living room wall in Benjamin Moore Steam White, fireplace in Natural Linen, mouldings in High Park

Steam White

Benjamin Moore’s Steam White is a beautiful, rich shade that is very close to the popular White Dove, just a hint brighter. It’s a soft, neutral tone that can be relied upon to provide depth and softness without turning ivory. However, compared to Benjamin Moore’s two most neutral whites—White Heron and Chantilly Lace—Steam White offers subtle yellow undertones that particularly shine through in warmly-lit rooms. If you’re looking for a color that sits right on the edge of off-white, give Steam a try!

Bedroom in Benjamin Moore Atrium White

Atrium White

If you’re looking for a richer, warmer white, Atrium White has complex undertones that include a hint of pink. This creamy, complex off white has an old-world feel; but because of its pink undertones it will never seem overly yellow. Atrium White is a wonderful all-over white for the curving plaster walls of Spanish or Mediterranean-style buildings. However, it may take on a pink cast if it’s used beside warm colors like bright green or yellow.

Sitting room in Benjamin Moore Silver Satin

Silver Satin

Silver Satin is one of the most neutral warm whites, with undertones often described as “pale greige”. Greige has gray in it, which Silver Satin expresses through a hint of purple undertone that keeps it from looking too creamy. A perfect companion to marble countertops, it’s a changeable off-white wall paint that feels warm, but may turn cool on a cloudy day or in north-facing rooms.

Kitchen in Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee OC-45 is a creamy off-white that beautifully complements an earthy palette or brings a warm, cozy touch to cool rooms and decor. Its character and charm makes it a favorite choice for all-white palettes.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White

Navajo White 

Navajo White is a creamy warm white paint color with undertones of yellow and tan. This classic off white paint color rose to popularity after mid-century architects created interior color palettes using Navajo White, brown, orange, and avocado green. Named after the ivory-beige tones of Navajo textiles, Navajo White is often associated with Spanish-style architecture and the American Southwest. However, this light and airy cream color is so versatile that it works beautifully for any architectural style, interior or exterior. Benjamin Moore's Navajo White has become popular again in the twenty-first century since it’s the perfect warm white for industrial-style interiors.

Order a Benjamin Moore Off White Paint Sample

With so many subtle differences in white paint tones, it’s worth taking your time and ordering samples to try at home. Ring’s End offers all of Benjamin Moore’s 3,700+ paint colors in-store and online, shipping anywhere in the U.S. Order samples online for fast, convenient shipping straight to your door and get your project started this week!

Sampling Your White Paint

Try our favorite designer tip for testing paint swatches in the home; paint a large poster board using a Benjamin Moore paint color sample; then move it around the room to observe the color on different walls and in different lighting conditions. Warm and cool shades work together in interesting ways, and the final result will be influenced by the quality of light in the space. You may even find the perfect white paint color for your home right here on our list!

For more designer tips on what to look for when testing paint samples, be sure to read our guide How To Test Paint Samples The Interior Designer’s Way.