Quality Materials

Ever since Ring’s End was founded in 1902, one of the most important aspects of our business has been providing quality products to our customers. We sell products that stand the test of time and won’t leave you needing to replace or repair your projects down the line. This is something that sets Ring’s End apart from your big box home improvement stores and lumberyards. Eric Goodman, from K Blake & Company, was buying from big box lumberyards, and until he ordered lumber from Ring’s End, didn’t realize what a huge difference it makes to order top-quality products. He says, “There wasn’t a big price difference. There was a massive difference in quality and there was a huge difference in service.”

When it comes to the quality of our dimensional framing lumber, it’s not just about the species and grade of the product, but about the companies and mills from which we source the material. We prefer to limit our Douglas Fir purchases to a group of mills from the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Oregon and Washington, that we know will consistently produce the highest level of product available. This ensures that the product our customers receive is going to be straight, virtually free of wane, and will save our customers time and money on their installations.

While there may be other species available locally, we have found that the Douglas Fir from the Pacific Northwest offers the highest level of quality, stability, and strength for our customers. Colin Campbell, Director of LBM Sales & Operations at Ring’s End says, “At the end of the day, we want to deliver the highest quality product to our customers without callbacks. Just as we want to be great partners to our customers when it comes to delivering quality materials, our longstanding relationships with select mills are great partnerships to us.” For lumber, we trust Weyerhaeuser and Roseburg. Similar to lumber, we only use three plywood manufacturers in order to maintain the level of quality our customers expect from us – Boise Cascade, Roseburg, and West Fraser.

When you purchase supplies from Ring’s End, whether it’s a 2x4, a door, or a can of paint, we proudly stand behind and trust what we’re selling. We strive to source the very best and work with brands who really believe in their products. Over the years, we’ve cultivated close relationships with highly reputable brands such as Weyerhaeuser, Huber, AndersenMarvin, and Benjamin Moore. Whether you’re painting a room or building a house from the ground up, we understand how important it is to get your project right the first time, from start to finish.

Weyerhaeuser has been developing their engineered wood products for over 100 years. They manufacture the best framing components in the building industry. Their Trus Joist products are unmatched, with dimensional stability that prevents warping and shrinking. Huber Engineered Woods is another innovative company that has used years of research and on-the-job testing to produce materials that aim to enhance the lives of their customers. Their ZIP System building enclosures are not only quick and easy to install but are also air and water-resistant, ensuring a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. And their AdvanTech subflooring comes with a “squeak-free” guarantee for a stable and quiet home.

Andersen has been setting higher standards for the window and door industry for over 115 years, with a focus on performance and functionality. They put their products through rigorous testing to confirm long-lasting durability. Marvin windows and doors are carefully and thoughtfully crafted with the customer in mind. Both builders and homeowners can trust that Marvin products will not only look beautiful but will last for years and years. Ring’s End is proud to be the Northeast’s largest retailer of both Marvin windows and doors and Benjamin Moore, paint that has more than 100 chemists, chemical engineers, and technicians behind it to make sure its formulations and technology are the absolute top of the line. “We only provide the highest quality, thoroughly vetted paints and coatings that will withstand the challenges that come with the seasonality in New England,” says Scott Herling, Director of Paint Operations and Marketing for Ring’s End.

One thing that all of these brands have in common is that they aim to improve their customers’ lives. By carrying these high-quality products, Ring’s End strives to do the same. And with 11 paint stores and 8 full-service lumberyards, as well as a 58,000 square foot distribution center, we have the ability to ensure that our customers always receive the products they need to get their projects done on time. As Colin Campbell says, "When you work with Ring’s End, we want to help you get the project done once, the right way.”