Marvin Window Installation with DuPont Weathermate™ Plus Housewrap

Why DuPont Weathermate™ Plus Housewrap?

Weathermate™ Plus Housewrap is specifically engineered to maximize a home’s weather defense between the cladding and wall assembly, helping to ensure years of comfort for homeowners.

In the second episode of our Weatherization Systems How-To Video Series, we will install a Marvin Elevate double-hung window into a rough opening wrapped with DuPont Weathermate™ Plus Housewrap.

Designed to enhance job-site durability and long-term product performance, Weathermate™ Plus Housewrap is a non-woven, non-perforated polyolefin-based wrap that forms a continuous protective membrane defending wood sheathing against the damaging effects of bulk water and air infiltration. Engineered for water vapor permeability, it helps walls dry from the inside out.

Traditional house wraps like this one require a unique series of steps for best practice installation, especially when prepping for a new window.  In this video, Ring’s End experts, Rob and Bryant will demonstrate how to:

  • Measure, cut, and fasten Weathermate™ Plus Housewrap to plywood sheathing using non-corrosive staples 

  • Proper taping of seams with 3M All Weather Flashing Tape 4” x 75” 

  • Explanation and execution of a modified I-cut to adhere to Marvin warranty requirements

  • Preparing the rough opening for window installation with our expert product recommendations

  • Best practice Installation of a Marvin Double Hung Elevate window

  • How to flash the exterior of your window and ensure it's weather tight

As you will learn from our video, DuPont Weathermate™ Plus is easy to install due to its translucent material which gives builders a convenient, clear view of studs and sheathing.  It can remain uncovered for as long as 120 days, is resistant to UV degradation, and is compatible with standard adhesives and sealants.

New residential construction with Marvin Elevate windows and doors and DuPont Weathermate Plus housewrap installed.

At Ring’s End, we offer several weatherization systems. They are critical in the construction of a healthy home.  They perform like a shell for buildings—liquid water that has penetrated the exterior finish does not pass through, yet water vapor can escape. By keeping building materials dry, a weather-resistive barrier improves building durability, decreases maintenance costs, and reduces the risk of moisture-related problems such as bugs, mold, mildew, and rot.  

Ring’s End stocks Weathermate Plus in two sizes, 3’ x 100’ and 9’ x 100’. For more information on the different offerings we provide, please email Bryant Coogan.