Henry BLueskin Installation

Education is core to our values at Ring’s End.  With the introduction of new products and building technologies, we must empower our customers with training and instruction of best practice usage and installation. 

In our newest video series, we will offer our expertise and guidance on how to install a Marvin Elevate Double Hung window in three different building envelope systems.  Today, we will focus on best practice installation in a Henry Blueskin VP100 building envelope. 

Join Ring’s End experts, Rob Campbell Jr. and Bryant Coogan as they install a Marvin Elevate Double Hung Window from start to finish.  Rob and Bryant offer precise instruction with the added value of their skilled knowledge from years of field experience in construction and building material sales.

In this video, you will learn how to install a new Marvin Elevate Double Hung window in a new construction or remodeling project using Henry Blueskin VP100.

Why Henry Blueskin VP100?

Henry Blueskin VP100 is a self-adhered water-resistive barrier for wood-framed residential and multi-family construction.  This product is specifically engineered to eliminate water and moisture intrusion while allowing walls to breathe.  Its innovative technology and design make Henry Blueskin VP100 durable to withstand the rigors of the job site and the elements, which is essential in the Northeast.  Henry Blueskin VP100 comes in roll lengths of 100 ft, stocked at Ring’s End in 4’ x 100’.

New residential construction wrapped in Henry Blueskin VP100 with Marvin Elevate Windows

For concise and clear instruction for the Henry Blueskin VP100 application, navigate to Chapter 3 in our video.  To see best practice installation in alternative building envelope systems, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Features & Benefits of Henry Blueskin VP100:
  • Self-seals around nails and fasteners for lasting water tightness

  • More than 95% drainage efficiency

  • Self-adheres directly to your structure’s exterior, eliminating air gaps that can lead to increased heating and cooling

  • Exceeds even the strictest building codes, providing long-lasting performance


Henry Blueskin VP100 is an important part of the Fortifiber® 1-2-3 Moisture Control System™ which is backed by an industry-leading 15-year material and labor warranty.

The 1-2-3 Moisture Control System™ includes several premium products from Henry’s product suite; we recommend using the below for best practice window installation:

For best practice window installation we recommend using the full product suite from the Henry 1, 2, 3 Moisture Control System


Through best practice application of the 1-2-3 Moisture Control System and installation of a Marvin Elevate Double Hung window, you are entitled to a 15-year non-prorate warranty. That covers material and labor should the product be defective.

To learn more about building envelope systems available through Ring’s End, email Bryant Coogan, our in-house specialist.