Marvin Window Installation with Huber Engineered Woods ZIP System

It wasn’t too long ago that plywood was the standard in building envelopes; the exterior of a building or physical separator between a conditioned environment and the elements.  With advances in building science come new materials and new combinations of products that create barriers resistant to air, water, heat, light, and noise, creating healthy homes.

Similar to Ring’s End, Huber Engineered Woods is always searching for methods that will deliver the highest quality products and services possible to its customers.  A small but mighty part of their offering is a family of structural and sealing products - ZIP System Building Enclosures.  ZIP System is a reliable, efficient, and proven building enclosure providing water, air, and thermal control with a streamlined installation.

In this video, our experts, Rob and Bryant demonstrate the best practice installation of a Marvin Elevate Double Hung Window in Huber Engineered Woods ZIP System Sheathing, including step-by-step instructions and explanation.  You will watch the proper application of ZIP System sheathing using ZIP System Flashing Tape and learn more about its unique performance.

ZIP System sheathing and tape is a unique structural wall (and roof) system with a built-in water-resistive barrier and continuous air barrier, eliminating the need for house wrap. The high-performance ZIP System panels are available with a Structural 1 rating, and the integrated water-resistant barrier on the panel eliminates the risk of water being trapped between the sheathing panel and the protective layer.

ZIP System building enclosures are designed to streamline design and construction

If you are looking for even more control through your building envelope, ZIP System offers R-Sheathing with an additional layer of insulation ensuring thermal protection and maximizing energy efficiency.

Once properly sealed with ZIP System flashing tape, a rigid air barrier is created.  This durable building envelope helps promote energy efficiency and forms a tight barrier against unwanted air leakage.  Specifically created for use with ZIP System sheathing, ZIP Systems Flashing Tape features pressure-activated advanced acrylic adhesive which creates a superior bond for long-term durability.  All ZIP System barriers are backed by a 180-day Exposure Guarantee and 30-year Limited Warranty.

As you will notice in this how-to video, the suite of ZIP System products provides solutions for many project challenges.  For tricky areas such as window openings, or corners, builders rely on ZIP System Stretch Tape.  Made of high-performance composite acrylic, ZIP System stretch tape conforms to challenging applications and locks out moisture even over mismatched surfaces. 

ZIP System stretch tape uniquely stretches in all directions to easily fit sills, curves, and corners to create a tight air barrier.

Due to the smart design of ZIP System sheathing and accessories, which includes clearly marked boards with fastener indicators and their tape roller which leaves a “Z” impression to confirm adhesion, the efficient installation ensures your projects will stay on track and allow for other trades to start sooner.

At Ring’s End, we are passionate about keeping our customers educated so they can build for the future.  For more information on our capabilities, and additional How-To videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

If you would like more information on Huber Engineered Woods ZIP System, please contact Bryant Coogan.