Andersen Corporation

Ring’s End and Andersen Windows share a commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products, forming a natural partnership that has lasted over 50 years.

Founded just a year after Ring’s End, in 1903, Danish immigrant Hans Andersen opened Andersen Lumber Company.  The business quickly found growth in selling window frames and focused on perfecting this specialty.  Andersen Windows changed the building industry forever when founder Hans Andersen created the “two-bundle” method of making window frames.

America’s Premier Window Manufacturer for Over 115 Years

At the time, windows were built on-site during construction, in 1905, Andersen introduced standardized sizes by manufacturing horizontal and vertical frame parts off-site.  During installation, builders could assemble two parts together to create a fully functioning and efficient window.  This saved time during construction and lowered costs for builders.  In 1913, Andersen Windows moved from Wisconsin to Bayport, Minnesota opened up its headquarters and main manufacturing facility, where it remains to this day.  Currently, Andersen Windows employs over 10,000 people at more than thirty manufacturing facilities, logistics centers, and company-owned retail locations.

Andersen products have come a long way since the two-bundle system of 1905.  Yet their vision remains, “To lead the window and door industry by creating products and services that are different and better as measured by our customers.”

Pioneering Windows and Doors since 1905

Both with a mission to lead our industry with continuous innovation, Andersen and Ring’s End work together to find product solutions for builders, architects, and homeowners.  Over the past ten years, Andersen has listened to their customers in their desire to create living spaces by blurring the lines of indoor and outdoor spaces.

A part of their Architectural Collection, Andersen Big Doors are essentially moving glass wall systems.  With four types of big doors, there is an opportunity to maximize light, vision, and an indoor-outdoor lifestyle in homes of all price ranges.  MultiGlide™ Door Sliding Glass Door Systems are engineered for easy operation with straight stacking or pocketing for a perfectly unobstructed view.  Doors within this product line can be sized for openings up to 50’ wide and 10’ tall! 

Create the ultimate indoor/outdoor lifestyle with the Andersen Liftslide

Fabricated in countless configurations, offering unique and creative customization, Andersen Liftslide Doors blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living spaces.  Doors can be built straight, curved, or in a corner, while panels can slide against a jamb, into a wall pocket, or along an outside wall. They are designed to accommodate large openings, creating a wall of glass up to 16 feet tall.

Additional Big Door offerings from Andersen Windows include Pivot Doors, Folding Doors, and Bifold Doors.  To learn more about these product solutions and experience them firsthand, find a Ring’s End Showroom near you.  We are proud to supply homes with premium window and door offerings from Andersen Windows and look forward to our continued partnership over the next 50 years