An Architect's Perspective on New Residential Construction - Part 2

In part 1 of our series, An Architect’s Perspective on New Residential Construction, we took you behind the scenes with Christopher Pagliaro of Christopher Pagliaro Architects for a look at how the process of new residential construction begins. In this next installment, we go back to the jobsite and show you how the project is taking shape.

The Master Plan

The unique shape of the home as seen from the back allows for abundant sunlight on both sides.

An interior view of the soaring ceilings and walkways around the perimeter of the spaces.

The framing is complete and the distinct structure of the home is now recognizable. The soaring ceilings, the bridge across the atrium, the kitchen and family room multi-volume spaces, and walkways around the perimeter of the spaces are all apparent. The red cedar roof is now finished, lead-coated copper flashings are on, Marvin Signature® Ultimate windows have been installed, as well as Boral TruExterior® trim.

Marvin Signature Ultimate windows will provide an abundance of natural light and unobstructed waterfront views.

A Harmonious Color Palette

The exterior color palette of this home incorporates complementary shades of silver and gray, blending beautifully with the natural surroundings of the coastal setting. The serene beauty of this color palette will evolve over time. The roof will age to the signature silver-gray patina of red cedar and the copper flashings will turn a galvanized silver with time, adding to the uncommon character of this truly custom home.

A soothing color palette of silvers and grays will highlight the premium building products as they age gracefully.

PVC exterior trim, which would be painted to match the cladding of the windows was originally specified for the home. After consulting with Ring’s End, a potential issue involving the expected movement of the PVC and the paint color choice was discovered and Boral TruExterior® trim, a man-made, poly-ash product that is virtually rot-free was chosen as an alternative to the PVC. Christopher will work with the paint professionals at Ring’s End to determine the perfect custom color match to complement the Cadet Gray aluminum cladding of the Marvin Signature® Ultimate windows.

It’s in the Details

Christopher Pagliaro Architects are known for their signature "corner window".

A notable feature in many of Christopher Pagliaro’s designs is the corner window. The corner window gives an open perspective and eliminates the question, which wall should I look through? It is one of many examples of the thoughtful details that abound in Christopher’s designs.

The relationship between Ring’s End and Christopher Pagliaro Architects is one of mutual respect and cooperation. The premium products and expertise we provide helps bring his inspiration to life. Ring’s End stands by their customers throughout the building process, because as Christopher says, his projects are “a performing art from the time you start designing until the time they move in.”