Romabio Limewash Riposo Beige Review & Inspiration

Riposo Beige Limewash is a creamy off-white shade of Romabio’s Classico Limewash. Limewash is an exterior coating that protects the surface and allows it to breathe. This warm, stately finish is the ideal choice for whitewashing a brick home to give it an elegant, timeless appeal.

Classico Limewash isn’t paint; it’s an authentic slaked lime coating that’s been used for centuries across Europe. This ancient recipe for white lime wash is a traditional coating that helps reflect the hot Mediterranean sun, keeping interiors several degrees cooler. Even today in Greece, the white villages in Andalusia, Spain, or the città bianche in Italy, there are entire towns coated in lime wash. Romabio Riposo Beige Limewash is a modern, durable exterior finish that provides the reflective quality of whitewashed brick.

Romabio Riposo Beige Undertones

Riposo Beige Limewash is an off-white shade that will give your brick or stone exterior a soft, creamy white-washed look. The warm white of Riposo Beige is almost neutral; undertones of greige give it richness and prevent it from displaying strong yellow-orange undertones.

The presence of greige undertones makes Riposo Beige a good choice for homes with both black and brown shingles, since it blends nicely with either one. And since lime wash lets you show the brick or stone underneath, you can remove more of it to allow the shades of brick or stone underneath to contribute additional undertones to the finished look. Here you can see how Riposo Beige on the brick compliments both gray and deep beige trim colors:

Riposo Beige Limewash on a brick garden wall

Riposo Beige Limewash on a brick garden wall

For a more solid off-white finish, just paint a heavier coat of lime wash and skip the removal step.

Which Homes Look Best In Riposo Beige Limewash?

Riposo Beige is a versatile white that has the complex warmth of antique linen fabric; its parchment shade is well-suited to traditional architecture. If you’re looking for a warm white exterior paint that won’t look vanilla-yellow or tan when it’s done, Riposo Beige is a good choice. Pair it with warm brown, olive or soft black accents for a richly aged finish. This home’s English cottage lines are highlighted beautifully by a distressed Riposo Beige Limewash with earth-toned trim and dark wood accents:

Riposo Beige brick home with dark wood accents

Riposo Beige brick home with dark wood accents

Since it blends so nicely with brown tones, Riposo Beige is an excellent choice for updating homes from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s that have brown brick exteriors and gray-brown roof shingles. This split-level home takes on a cozy farmhouse vibe when it’s painted with Riposo Beige and distressed to let some of the old brick show. Warm greige paint on the shutters and creamy-white columns complete the update:

Riposo Beige Limewash updates the exterior brick of  a 1970’s Split Level

Riposo Beige Limewash updates the exterior brick of a 1970’s Split Level

A solid coating of Riposo Beige Limewash brings out the texture of brick and helps details stand out. On this French Country-inspired home, the warm creamy color reminds us of old limestone buildings in the South of France: Riposo Beige exterior brick with limestone patio

Riposo Beige exterior brick with limestone patio

Romabio Riposo Beige vs. Toscana Beige

Riposo Beige and Toscana Beige are both warm, creamy-beige off-white shades that can give your home a whole new look. To choose which one is right for your home you have to consider their undertones and light/dark values. Since Riposo Beige has the slightest hint of a greige undertone, it can be relied upon not to turn overtly yellow or golden beige when the project is done. It’s a complex color that works well with both cool or warm tones nearby, so you can use it with gray or black trim.

Riposo Beige Limewash with dark wood, khaki and black trim

Riposo Beige Limewash with dark wood, khaki and black trim

Toscana Beige, however, is a slightly darker shade that has visible golden tan undertones. It blends best with brown, khaki or red accents (like a Spanish tiled roof). For homes with brown tones in the roof shingles, or brown brick that will show through the distressing, either shade is a fine choice. Order a sample of each and test them side by side on your home to make a final decision.

What’s The Difference Between Limewash And Whitewash?

Whitewashing brick has become a popular solution for older homes that need a makeover. However, whitewash is a look, not a product. Whitewash is made from watered-down paint that’s applied in a thin, distressed coat. It looks attractive but doesn’t provide much protection for exterior brick or stone. In fact, latex or acrylic-based paints may even damage brick by trapping moisture that can promote mold growth. Never paint it with any type of sealant; it needs to breathe and respond to changes in temperature and the weather.

Since lime wash is mineral-based, it creates a breathable coating that won’t damage the brick or trap moisture in it. The high pH of lime also inhibits the growth of mold and germs. Natural limestone in Romabio Limewash actually calcifies onto the brick or stone surface, creating a durable finish. You can use Riposo Beige Limewash on porous surfaces like stone and brick, indoors or out.

If you’re after a more flat aesthetic for your brick, Romabio Masonry Paint is an excellent mineral-based paint option that comes with the breathability and durability of lime wash, with the solid finish of paint.

How To Use Riposo Beige Limewash On A Brick House

Before you start, it’s important to make sure the brick or stone is porous and hasn’t had sealant applied. Simply test it by spraying it with water; it should soak in and not bead up on the surface. Since Romabio Limewash was created for porous surfaces, you can’t use it on painted or sealed brick. Make sure the brick is clean by hosing it down or pressure washing it.

Now it’s time to choose your whitewash color. Order a few 1-liter samples of Limewash colors to test on your home; you can easily wash off the colors you won’t be using.

We like to test large sample swatches on the brick before making a decision. Paint a couple of them on different spots so you can see how the color looks against the roof and trim colors, and how it changes throughout the day. Limewash can also be custom tinted in any shade that works with a white base.

Once you’ve chosen the color, you can tackle the job yourself or hire a Romabio PRO. Limewashing your home is an easy DIY project if you live in a one-story home. If you have two or more floors, we recommend getting professional help.

Whitewashing brick or stone with Romabio Limewash is easy to do. Mix your Limewash according to the directions, and apply a single heavy coat with a large masonry brush. Let it dry for a couple of hours, then use a sponge, rag or water hose to remove the limewash until you get the amount of distressing you like.

Romabio Limewash stays workable for 2-5 days, so you can always remove more or add another coat.

Whitewash A Fireplace With Riposo Beige

Give your old living room fireplace a brand new look by whitewashing the brick with Riposo Beige. Limewash is a natural product and doesn’t have toxic fumes so it supports healthy indoor air quality. Whitewashing your fireplace for a distressed farmhouse look can be tricky, because once paint soaks into brick it can’t be removed. This is why professional painters use Limewash instead of paint. Limewash is removable for up to five days so you can work with it until it’s just right. Just paint the whole fireplace with a single coat, then use a sponge or rag to remove as much as you’d like. If you take off too much you can always add more.

Riposo Beige is a light, creamy shade that lets you create a farmhouse fireplace that looks antique without being too dark.

Riposo Beige on a brick fireplace

Riposo Beige on a brick fireplace

For the full story on how to whitewash a brick fireplace with Romabio Limewash, check out our DIY guide here.

Buy Romabio Riposo Beige Paint And Samples

Are you ready to whitewash your brick or stone home, or update your fireplace for that modern farmhouse look? You can buy Classico Limewash in 7 pre-tinted colors right here at Rings End. Watch the Romabio How-To video to learn even more about whitewashing your brick home with real Limewash. Be sure to share your Limewash projects with us – we can’t wait to see what you do!

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