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Romabio Venetian Glaze

Venetian Glaze is a versatile, easy-to-apply, authentic Italian slaked lime paint that produces multiple finishes. Create movement and plasterlike effects with a trowel on smooth Interior painted or unpainted drywall. Or, when heavily diluted and brush applied, create veiling effects for color-shifting Exterior or Interior brick, stone, or other absorbent masonry surfaces.
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  • Two effects achieved with one product
  • Plaster-like movement when troweled on Interior drywall
  • Veiling effects for color shifting absorbent masonry
  • Perfect for Exterior stone for semi-transparent finish
  • Authentic slaked-lime paint made from Italian Dolomite lime
  • Toxin-free, Zero-VOC, and environmentally friendly
More Information
Type Glaze
Finish Flat
Paint Sheen Flat
Material Slaked-Lime
Manufacturer Code VGLAZE
  1. Apply 1 coat of Romabio MicroGrip Primer. let dry overnight, then lightly sand to create uniform surface
  2. Mix product thoroughly before use. Product can be applied undiluted or diluted 5%. Apply 1st coat with a trowel then allow to dry (approx. 4–6 hours).
  3. Apply 2nd coat same as 1st and allow to dry 4–6 hours.
No need for cutting in, just maintain a working wet edge throughout the wall surface.

Interior Drywall: Undiluted
1L - Approx. 40 – 100 sq/ft
2.5L – Approx. 100 – 250 sq/ft

Surface must be absorbent for a semi-transparent effect; no primer is needed, test with water.
  1. Dilute product with 100%–300% water and mix thoroughly. If surface is over 80°F, or in direct sunlight, lightly dampen surface with water before applying.
  2. Apply 2-3 coats (diluted) with a large Romabio Masonry Brush for desired effect.

Absorbent Masonry: Diluted up to 200%
1L - Approx. 160 – 260 sq/ft
2.5L - Approx. 400 – 650 sq/ft
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