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Romabio Velatura Mineralwash

Velatura Mineralwash is an authentic mineral-based paint to create mottling or subtle movement effects on Interior drywall in two easy steps with no additional primer. An artistic applicator can paint soft tonal color variations in a brush-applied crosshatch technique for the 1st coat and can use varied techniques with a brush, cloth, or rag for the 2nd coat. Velatura Mineral wash has a unique and balanced formulation making it very easy to apply and allowing for multiple applicators to work the same wall to achieve similar movement effects.
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  • Decorative, flat finish for artistic effects
  • Brush-applied in two easy steps with no primer
  • Multiple applicators can work the same wall and achieve similar effects
  • Recommended in bedrooms, living rooms, and other common areas (Not recommended for high-traffic)
  • Toxin-free, Zero-VOC, and environmentally friendly
  • Perfect for PROs & DIYers
More Information
Color FamilyTintable
Manufacturer CodeVELATU

Application: No primer needed. Mix product thoroughly before use. Apply the 1st Coat undiluted or with 5% water for easier application in a crosshatch technique with a Romabio brush. Let dry to touch, 4-6 hours. Apply the 2nd Coat diluted 50% - 80% in a crosshatch and/or cloth technique depending on desired effect. Let dry to touch, 4-6 hours. Ideal to maintain a wet edge but product does allow for time to work the paint into the wall surface. When cutting in, make sure to work the paint progressively to not show lines. For medium to darker colors, the same color can be used for the 1st and 2nd Coats. For whites and lighter colors, a slightly darker color shade should be used for the 1st Coat vs. the 2nd Coat to create more tonal variation and greater movement effects

Clean up: Soap and Water

Coverage: 250 - 350 sq/ft

Dry Time: 4 - 6 hours

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