Newly painted house exterior in stormy climate

Element Guard from Benjamin Moore is the ultimate exterior paint product for difficult weather conditions. Formulated to resist rain as soon as 60 minutes after application, Element Guard performs well in humid, rainy, and even cold climates. Element Guard extends the typical painting season, able to be applied in more extreme temperatures than your typical paint product. This tough, moisture-resistant finish brings the beauty and quality of Benjamin Moore paints to the most challenging exterior paint jobs!

Element Guard Exterior Finishes

Benjamin Moore Element Guard paint cans in three finishes: flat, low lustre, and soft gloss

Benjamin Moore Element Guard is a premium exterior paint product available in three finishes: flat, low lustre, and soft gloss. Each finish provides a durable, moisture-resistant coating, but you’ll still want to choose the perfect one for the project at hand. Read on for more details on how to pick the right sheen for your house exterior.


A flat or matte finish is the best choice for hiding surface imperfections. With a smooth, forgiving coating, flat paint covers blemishes easily and creates a uniform look. The main factor to remember with a flat finish, however, is that it doesn’t come clean as easily as glossier options. Reserve a flat paint sheen for sections of the house that aren’t likely to be dirtied by high foot traffic or other conditions.

Low Lustre

Low lustre is similar to an eggshell or satin finish, creating a lightly reflective coating and a more washable surface than flat paint. A popular choice for house siding, low lustre paint adds a pleasing level of shine without a truly glossy result.

Soft Gloss

Soft gloss is similar to satin or semi-gloss paint, offering a higher level of shine that is perfect for highlighting architectural details. Soft gloss creates a durable, washable finish that makes it an ideal choice for windows, shutters, doors, or trim work. Just make sure you thoroughly prep the surface before applying a glossy paint sheen to avoid highlighting surface imperfections.

Where to Use Benjamin Moore Element Guard

House exterior painted in Benjamin Moore Element Guard

Benjamin Moore Element Guard can successfully be applied to a variety of substrates. These include new or previously painted wood, hardboard siding, cured masonry, EIFS, vinyl, and unglazed brick. As a general rule, homeowners should plan to prime any surface before using Element Guard. Priming will help the coat of paint to stick properly and will ensure color precision.

With the choice of flat, low lustre, and soft gloss finishes, homeowners can apply Element Guard to all types of exterior home surfaces. From the front door to the siding, Element Guard will create a smooth, mildew-resistant coating engineered to withstand all types of weather. And Element Guard is available in any of the 3,500 authentic Benjamin Moore colors, so you can find the perfect color scheme for your home. Find inspiration in our guide to home exterior color trends!

Painting vinyl siding?

Remember that dark paint colors can damage vinyl, causing it to overheat and warp. Choose a vinyl-safe paint color either comparable to or lighter than the vinyl’s original color.

Distinctive Features of Element Guard

Benjamin Moore Element Guard moisture test vs. leading competitorBenjamin Moore Element Guard moisture test vs. leading competitor

What makes Element Guard different from other exterior paints? Every high-quality exterior paint is formulated to perform well when exposed to outdoor elements. Element Guard’s advantages are its quick dry time, application in a wide temperature range, and moisture resistance that’s so effective you can paint almost up until it rains!

Ultimate Moisture Protection

Element Guard provides the ultimate protection for homes in humid and rainy climates. With excellent adhesion and resistance to peeling and cracking, Element Guard holds its own in environments that experience high moisture levels. It also features exceptionally early rain resistance. Under the right conditions, Element Guard can be applied within 60 minutes of exposure to rain.

Quick Dry Time

Not all home improvement projects can afford long dry times. If you’re on a time crunch or battling unpredictable weather, you can trust Element Guard to get the job done quickly with a touch-up time of 1 hour and re-coat time of 4 hours.

Low-Temperature Application

Most paint products require temperate weather to adhere well to exterior surfaces. Too cold, and the paint will blister, take far too long to dry, and it won’t cure properly. Element Guard can be applied in temperatures down to 35 °F, extending the typical painting season to accommodate cold-weather projects!

High-Temperature Application

While many exterior paints require application when temperatures are well under triple digits, Element Guard can be applied in temperatures up to 100 °F. Combined with superior moisture resistance, Element Guard is a great option for painters and homeowners in tropical climates who have to handle both humidity and heat.

How does Element Guard compare with other Benjamin Moore exterior paints?

Benjamin Moore offers multiple exterior paint lines in addition to Element Guard, including Benjamin Moore AURA Exterior and Benjamin Moore Regal Select Exterior. All of the options from Benjamin Moore feature low-VOC exterior paints with premium durability and a beautiful finish, but each product line comes with its own advantages.

Benjamin Moore AURA is the paint brand’s ultra-premium product line, boasting the richest finish with the most advanced color-retention technology. Regal Select Exterior is a high-quality option for homeowners who still want a premium paint product but with more coverage per gallon and a lower price than AURA. And Element Guard maintains the same quality, smooth finish characteristic of Benjamin Moore paints, but with the best performance in wet weather conditions.

Benjamin Moore Element Guard is the Ideal Paint for Harsh Weather Conditions

Benjamin Moore Element Guard in low lustre being applied by professional painter

Whether you’re facing unexpectedly cold days, an unrelenting heat wave, or constant humidity, Benjamin Moore Element Guard offers advanced protection during frustrating outdoor conditions. Engineered with Benjamin Moore’s proprietary Gennex® Color Technology, Element Guard is available in any of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500+ paint colors. And its 100% acrylic resin formula ensures a rich, smooth finish that will last.

Ring's End offers all Benjamin Moore paints for online ordering, shipping anywhere in the U.S.! For more tips on exterior paint projects, check out our planning guide: What You Need to Know Before Painting Your House Exterior or talk to the paint experts at Ring’s End. We’ll be happy to help!


Element Guard: Advanced Moisture Protection

This unique exterior paint protects from moisture and successfully extends the painting season. Find Benjamin Moore Element Guard in over 3,500 stunning colors – and order online for convenient delivery to your door!

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