Marvin Brand Partner


The long-standing relationship between Ring’s End and Marvin is based on shared values. First and foremost, quality is our guiding principle. Our reputation is built on offering the best quality products in the building supply industry. And with windows being one of the most important elements of the home, Marvin is naturally our window of choice. The quality and craftsmanship that go into Marvin products are immediately evident in their aesthetic. But equally important, Marvin products stand the test of time, improving the customer’s quality of life while providing important environmental and financial benefits in the way of energy efficiency. In addition, Ring’s End and Marvin stand behind their products. In the rare instance where something isn’t right, we will work to correct it. Peace of mind comes with every purchase.

Innovation at work: From historical reproductions to products that promote healthier living, Marvin is on the cutting edge of innovation.


At Ring’s End, innovation is an important part of our mission. We look for innovation in everything we do. That includes the partners we align with. Marvin products are handcrafted in America. As a testament to American ingenuity, Marvin products combine superior strength and durability with innovative solutions for happier, healthier living. Extensive research led to Marvin’s newest line of products, designed to increase well-being by maximizing the benefits of light, air, and views. Industry-leading performance is the hallmark of Marvin windows and another example of their commitment to innovation. Correctly installed Marvin windows will have best-in-class functionality and performance, making your home more comfortable, and reducing your utility bills.

Over a century of growth and progress have transformed Ring's End and Marvin into today's industry leaders.

Family and Community

Ring’s End and Marvin share similar company histories and leadership structures, circumstances that are responsible in large part for our shared values. Both are multigenerational family-run companies that have been in business for over a century, dedicated to their employees and their communities. It is not uncommon at either company to see lifelong employees whose loyalty and commitment are a source of pride not only for the employee but for the company. Also characteristic of both Ring’s End and Marvin is their support of the shared goals and interests of the communities they live and work in, whether that is one of the 19 towns across the state of Connecticut where Ring’s End stores are located or Warroad, Minnesota, a small town just 6 miles from the Canadian border, home to Marvin and known as the original Hockeytown, U.S.A., producing 8 Olympians including TJ Oshie and Gigi Marvin!

The Marvin Training and Visitor Center in Warroad, Minnesota is an invaluable resource for industry professionals.


The Marvin Training and Visitor Center in Warroad affords us great opportunities to leverage synergies from our mutual interests in education and training, providing our sales associates and trade professionals with invaluable product knowledge. This opportunity to learn first-hand about the products, materials, and manufacturing processes of Marvin products allows us to better serve our customers and instills brand loyalty in the trade professionals we serve. It has been said that “Once someone visits the Marvin plant in Warroad, they leave a customer for life.”

Ring’s End is proud to supply homes with a legacy of quality craftsmanship and pride of purpose with windows and doors from Marvin.