Huber Engineered Woods

Huber is an industry leader in building envelopes and has invested years of research, development, and building science into their revolutionary products. Over time, they’ve worked hard to create products that solve problems and last a lifetime. Ring’s End is proud to partner with Huber to provide customers top-of-the-line building products and expertise.

Ring’s End and Huber Engineered Woods both believe that building relationships with customers is of paramount importance. “I don’t think Ring’s End and Huber are happy with just making a sale,” says Will Contento, Regional Sales Manager for Huber Wood. “it’s about after the sale and continuing that relationship and making sure that you really enjoy the whole experience of Ring’s End and Huber.” Contento works with Huber partners, such as Ring’s End, but also directly with the end user of Huber products to ensure customer satisfaction and success.


AdvanTech subflooring and ZIP System R-Sheathing

Huber started with AdvanTech, an innovative subflooring product that is Structural 1 rated and 2 to 3 times above the industry minimum standard. AdvanTech subflooring is moisture resistant both during and after construction, leading to fewer callbacks and delays. The line also includes adhesives and roof/wall sheathing. AdvanTech has a “squeak-free guarantee,” ensuring a stable and quiet home.

ZIP System

ZIP System stretch tape

Once Huber mastered the subfloor, they moved on to building envelopes and developed ZIP System, a line of air, water, and vapor barriers that eliminate the need for housewrap. ZIP System includes wall and roof sheathing, flashing and stretch tape, liquid flash, and peel and stick underlayment. You can learn more about ZIP System sheathing and tape in this blog post and video.


How each AdvanTech Panel starts out. (From Instagram @huberwood)

Sustainability is a top priority at Huber. ZIP System and AdvanTech manufacturing processes are more than 98% landfill free, and most of the waste that is produced is recyclable. All of their engineered wood products are comprised of 90% wood, which is biodegradable, and all wood is locally sourced. The wood serviced to Ring’s End comes from Easton, Maine, where one of their six running facilities in the US is located. Once installed, AdvanTech and ZIP System will greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency, a plus for the environment and for your wallet!

Huber ZIP System wall and roof sheathing were used in the construction of the This Old House 2020 Idea House by The Greyrock Companies LLC.

“It’s important to have a backbone to a home, and that’s what Advantech and ZIP System provides – the structure that is going to give you the highest quality framing possible for your house,” says Contento. To learn more about Huber Engineered Woods, please contact Bryant Coogan.