Advantages of Folding Glass Doors

Homeowners passionate about indoor-outdoor living will find that folding glass doors are a beautiful and convenient option to fill wide openings, particularly when leading to a patio. These large glass doors come with year-round benefits too – especially when configured with an access door and manufactured with durable, energy-efficient materials. We’re confident these doors will be a delightful addition to your home during any season.

Difference Between Folding and Sliding Glass Doors

Folding and sliding glass doors both move laterally on a track, but sliding glass doors have overlapping frames. Folding glass doors feature panels that hinge on the side and stack against each other at the opening of the door.

Marvin Elevate Bi-Fold Door in partially open and open configurationsMarvin Elevate Bi-Fold Door in partially open and open configurations

Folding Patio Doors Enhance Indoor-Outdoor Living

Folding glass doors are typically installed between an outside wall and an outdoor space such as a patio, porch, or pool deck. Accommodating very wide openings, these exterior doors successfully blur the line between indoor and outdoor living spaces so you can bring nature into your home.

If the adjoining indoor space is connected to the rest of your home, you can pair your folding patio doors with a large indoor screen to prevent bugs and debris. Install a convenient retractable screen to enjoy an unimpeded view when the patio doors are closed.

Marvin Signature Ultimate Bi-Fold Door with open single swinging active access door panelMarvin Signature Ultimate Bi-Fold Door with open single swinging active access door panel

Folding glass doors can also be configured with a single swinging door, allowing you to walk in and out when the accordion door is shut. Adding this access door ensures your door system maintains functionality and ease of use all year.

Glass Panels Display Expansive Views

While folding glass doors are primarily associated with fresh air and indoor-outdoor living during temperate seasons, the large panels create a glass wall that displays natural light and beautiful views year round. Premier manufacturer Marvin offers folding glass doors with fiberglass exteriors or aluminum-clad exteriors. These durable, low-maintenance exteriors hold up to inclement weather and maximize the life of your door.

Kitchen featuring Marvin Elevate Bi-Fold Door, angled openKitchen featuring Marvin Elevate Bi-Fold Door, angled open

Folding Glass Doors Save Space

Also known as bi-fold or accordion doors, the design of folding glass doors is an economic use of space. The panels overlap each other, creating a stack at one or both ends of the opening, depending on whether the door opens in the middle or at one end. While there needs to be enough space outside the door for the panels to stack, they take up less frame space than a sliding patio door and create a wider door opening.

Marvin Exterior Elevate Bi-Fold Door with single swinging active access door panelMarvin Exterior Elevate Bi-Fold Door with single swinging active access door panel

Folding Mechanism is Easy to Operate

Top-hung folding doors operate smoothly and easily. The weight of top-hung doors is carried by the upper tracks, so you don’t have to push or pull the full weight of the door along a stubborn bottom track. Folding glass doors depend on a multi-point hardware system, so be sure to choose a high-quality manufacturer to maximize the life of your door system and maintain ease of use over time.

Does Stacking Damage the Panels?

Marvin folding glass doors are installed with magnetic door catches to protect the panels when stacked against each other, so you can rest assured your door won’t damage itself even after years of use.

3-Panel Marvin Elevate Bi-Fold Door in Gunmetal3-Panel Marvin Elevate Bi-Fold Door in Gunmetal

Customization Options Complement Any Home

Folding glass doors are easily customized to match the aesthetic of your home. Pairing wood interior and exterior framing with the glass door integrates nicely with historic homes, and the panes of glass can be customized with divided lites to match traditional windows. Modern homes will benefit from energy efficient exteriors such as fiberglass, or durable exterior cladding like aluminum. And wood interiors can be stained to reveal the natural wood grain, or custom painted to match your indoor living space.

Marvin Signature Ultimate Bi-Fold Door, angled closedMarvin Signature Ultimate Bi-Fold Door, angled closed

In addition to interior and exterior finishes and glass pane styles, homeowners have a vast range of configuration options to choose from. Marvin’s Signature Ultimate collection, for example, boasts an impressive 81 operating configurations of bi-fold doors, and the simpler Elevate Collection still offers 28 configurations – so homeowners can decide upon the exact design to complement their space. Configurations include the number of panels, where the panels fold from (center or side), and the placement of a swinging access door.

Shop Folding Glass Doors at Ring’s End

Folding glass doors offer a creative solution for indoor-outdoor living that can complement any style of home. We love the folding glass doors by Marvin, both for their high-quality hardware and extensive customization options. Ring’s End is the premier resource for Marvin bi-fold patio doors, available in two distinct product lines: Marvin Elevate and Marvin Signature Ultimate.

If you’d like guidance as you determine the perfect folding glass door configuration for your home, consult the experts at Ring’s End through our online chat or by texting (203) PRO-HELP. Or, check out our guide to keep exploring the many door options available to you.

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