23 Deck Remodeling Ideas for 2024

If your deck is more than ten years old, chances are it's time for either a makeover, or a complete deck renovation. Bringing your deck up to date not only gives your home a style boost, it ensures you have a safe, durable deck for the next twenty to fifty years. Deck renovations don't have to be expensive; a simple deck makeover includes replacing wood deck boards and railings with PVC or composite, and it’s often a DIY project. An elaborate renovation might include a bigger deck size, built-in seating, or an outdoor kitchen; an attractive deck design is a great way to increase your home value. If you're ready to splurge on home improvement projects, we've got deck ideas for you! Read on to learn about what's trending in deck design for 2024.

The Most Popular Type of Decking for Your Remodel in 2024

Modern deck made of composite decking by TimberTech

The most popular decking materials today are made from either PVC or a composite material. Both materials are more eco-friendly than wood, and they stand up to the weather without warping, splitting, or rotting. Since decks use treated lumber for the framing, with a deck renovation you select materials for the visible parts of the deck: flooring, steps, railings and fascia boards. Whether you’ll hire a professional contractor or love a DIY deck project, the new materials and design you choose are an important part of the remodeling process. Let’s take a quick look at the two main types of low-maintenance decking:

Composite Decking

Timbertech Composite by AZEK Legacy Collection in Ashwood and Espresso

Composite decking is a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastic that’s extruded to create durable deck boards. High quality composite decking from Timbertech is encased in a synthetic polymer cap for extra protection from moisture. Composite deck boards do not expand and contract easily with temperature changes; the material is insect-proof and it resists warping.

While composite decking doesn’t replicate real wood exactly, it offers attractive, slip-resistant wood-grain textures and an extensive selection of decking colors. It has a lifespan of 25-30 years and maintenance is easy, with cleaning a few times a year.

PVC Decking

Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage collection in Coastline, Mahogany and Dark Hickory

Like composite decking, PVC decking is low maintenance, mold-resistant and insect-proof. Timbertech PVC Decking includes recycled polymers and is fully recyclable. Their capped PVC decking has a hard plastic shell for extra protection from UV damage, scratching and fading.

Because the polymers in PVC deck boards are available in a wide range of colors, this decking offers the most realistic wood looks. It can also be bent into curves to create unique deck designs. Timbertech PVC Decking has an impressive lifespan of up to 50 years, and the only required maintenance is seasonal cleaning.


Once you’ve decided between composite and PVC decking materials you can focus on the fun part - your new deck makeover! Here are the top deck design ideas trending this year:

Multi-Zone Outdoor Living Spaces

Upgrading your deck to incorporate different activities is a great way to make the most of your outdoor space. Homeowners are adding square footage to older decks to create spaces for dining, cooking, sunbathing or even a hot tub. A multi-level deck design helps to delineate the different zones, and makes full use of sloping terrain that may be difficult to build on. This small deck uses different levels and colors to add visual interest:

TimberTech Composite by AZEK in Tigerwood and Mocha

Using two different colors of deck boards provides bold contrast; this seating area added a herringbone pattern to create a rug effect:

Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage collection in Mahogany with herringbone rug inlay

An apartment terrace designed with Timbertech Advanced PVC decking uses a pergola to create a distinctive seating zone at one end:

Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage collection in English Walnut

A curved addition to this deck allowed the homeowner to add a show-stopping half-circle bench and a built-in firepit:

Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage Collection in Mahogany, Coastline and Dark Hickory

A privacy wall helps to visually anchor this deck from the opposite end of the pool, and it creates privacy for sunbathing:

Privacy wall made from Timbertech Advanced PVC decking

This outdoor living space has all the comforts of indoors, thanks to a cozy fireplace that makes it a year-round space. The seating area is also outlined by a striped outdoor rug:

Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage collection in Coastline

One simple way to divide a rectangular deck into separate areas is to add a roofed area or a pergola. Covered areas are ideal for dining, and a roof offers great protection for your outdoor furniture. The owners of this old deck resurfaced it with Timbertech Advanced Composite deck boards and used a simple pergola to create a separate dining area.

Timbertech Composite by AZEK Legacy Collection in Whitewash Cedar

This home renovation included adding a roof over this deck with architectural details that match the home, making it feel more like an extension of the indoors.

TimberTech Advanced PVC by Azek in Weathered Teak

New Deck Railing Designs

Today’s deck makeovers usually include rethinking the deck railing completely. Most decks require railings for safety. However, decks that are low to the ground may not need railings or handrails - be sure to check your local building codes. When railings are required, many homeowners are moving away from traditional styles and choosing an open look for better views.

One of the most popular new deck design ideas is adding a drink rail - which is a wide, flat top rail that acts as a ledge for drinks and snacks. It’s an affordable upgrade that’s perfect for entertaining.

TimberTech Composite by AZEK Drink Rail

Replacing old wood balusters with horizontal steel cables provides an instant update to any deck. When paired with wide deck stairs, cable railing creates a chic mid-century modern vibe:

Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage collection in English Walnut, with cable railing

On a small deck, the railing design is the difference between cramped and comfortable; the light effect of cable railings makes even a tiny seating area feel open and airy:

Timbertech small deck with cable railing

This classic bungalow expanded the view by replacing old deck railings with black posts and clear glass panels from the Timbertech Impression Rail Express collection.

Timbertech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage Collection in English Walnut, Impression Rail in Black with glass inserts

Expansive Deck Stairs

Replacing deck stairs is a common home improvement project, and it’s an opportunity for an easy deck design update. Instead of rebuilding the same narrow stairs, make them as wide as possible. Wider stairs are a welcoming transition between the outdoor deck and yard. Plus, they expand the view because railings are not required.

New, curved stairs at the corner of this deck break up its rectangular shape and create more connection to the yard.

TimberTech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage Collection, Dark Hickory

This deck designer used raised platforms and two-tone deck inlays to create different areas. The stairs eliminate the need for railings and provide open views of the landscape:

Timbertech Advanced Composite by AZEK Legacy Collection, Mocha Pecan

Stylish Deck Skirting

Skirting is installed along the sides of a deck to hide what’s underneath. Typically, older decks have wood trellis, which provides ventilation but can be hard to maintain. For an updated deck design, enclose the area with a skirting of deck boards. A solid base anchors the deck visually to the house and landscape so it appears more permanent.

The designer of this curved deck area used two different color deck boards to add interest to the skirting:

TimberTech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage Collection, Dark Hickory and Coastline

On this low deck, enclosing the skirting with matching deck boards creates a clean, modern look:

TimberTech Composite by AZEK in Mahogany

Integrated Deck Lighting

If your old deck is still lit by floodlights, it’s time to consider upgrading to integrated deck lighting. In addition to creating ambiance in the evening, deck lighting is important for safety, especially on the stairs. Use integrated light fixtures to create soft pools of light around post tops, on stairs, and along the rails.

TimberTech by AZEK Classic Composite Drink Rail in White with post cap lights

Even the simplest deck design can achieve an upscale look with minimal lighting. Stair riser lights add a soft glow to the landscape while making steps safer at night:

Timbertech Advanced Composite by AZEK, Legacy Collection in Ashwood

Railing lights are mounted on the underside of the top rail, so they add a soft glow all the way around:

TimberTech by AZEK Classic Composite Railing with LED railing lights

Outdoor Kitchens

While grilling out on the deck has always been popular, the idea of a built-in kitchen on the deck is rather new. Outdoor kitchens add a whole new level of functionality, and often include a refrigerator, working sink, and stovetop in addition to the grill. With an outdoor kitchen, dining and seating areas, a modern deck can provide a true outdoor living space.

This multi-level deck offers a full kitchen with an adjoining dining bar. To make it weather-resistant, the homeowners chose stone facing and Timbertech composite decking:

TimberTech Composite by AZEK Prime + Collection in Sea Salt Gray

Ready-made outdoor kitchen setups are more affordable, and an easy DIY project. One end of this deck was extended to add a kitchen to the grilling area:

TimberTech Advanced PVC by AZEK Vintage Collection in Mahogany

If your deck doesn’t have space for an outdoor kitchen, there are creative ways to make cooking easier. This clever design added bar seating below the pass-through kitchen window:

Timbertech deck with dining bar and kitchen pass through

Choose TimberTech For The Ultimate Deck Makeover

Here at Ring’s End, we offer an unparalleled selection of building materials both in-store and online. We’re proud to offer TimberTech products, because we know that homeowners have confidence in their 25-50 year product warranty. For more detailed information on TimberTech’s composite decking options, check out our product guide.


In addition to the expertise provided by our Ring’s End sales representatives, an architect or designer is a great help when planning a custom deck. They can supply creative design ideas, produce a deck design that meets local building codes, and provide plans for the contractor. With thoughtful attention to color and some expert help, your new deck will be a stunning addition for all to enjoy.

Visit a Ring’s End store near you for free color samples, and professional help with planning, pricing and delivery.


Can I replace wood deck boards with composite or PVC?

Wood deck boards can be replaced one-for-one with composite and PVC decking boards; just be aware you may need to add additional support structure because the manufactured boards are more flexible.

How do you redo a wood deck?

Replace old wood deck boards and railings with Timbertech’s Advanced PVC or Composite products for a deck that will last. You can keep the wood deck foundation as long as it is in good condition.

What can I put over an existing deck?

For a quick DIY deck makeover, keep the deck framing and rails intact and just replace the deck boards with PVC or composite for a brand new look.

Which is more expensive, PVC or composite decking?

PVC capped polymer decking typically costs 5-10% more than composite decking; however, it offers a larger color selection and has a longer lifespan. Check out our guide for an in-depth comparison on PVC vs. composite decking.

Are PVC and composite decking slippery when wet?

With their realistic wood textures, PVC and composite decking are no more slippery than wood decking. However, mildew and dirt left on the surface of any deck can make it slick, so it’s important to hose it off regularly.

Does composite decking warp in the sun?

Your composite deck will not warp, but it can sag and buckle if not supported correctly. The boards are more flexible than wood so it’s important to check the specifications; the joists and stringers should be set closer together.