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    Romabio EcoDomus Matte

    In stock

    Romabio EcoDomus Matte

    In stock
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    SheenThis is a required field.
    1. A just noticeable sheen
    2. Optimal durability at a low sheen
    3. Common Usage: Low-traffic areas such as bedrooms and dining rooms
    • A just noticeable sheen
    • Optimal durability at a low sheen
    • Common Usage: Low-traffic areas such as bedrooms and dining rooms
    SizeThis is a required field.
    1,550 - 2,000 sqft.
    350 - 400 sqft.
    85 - 100 sqft.
    50 sqft.
    100 sqft.
    200 sqft.
    1,550 - 2,000 sqft.
    350 - 400 sqft.
    85 - 100 sqft.
    50 sqft.
    100 sqft.
    200 sqft.

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    EcoDomus Matte is a mineral primer and finish paint for interior wall surfaces & trim, and provides consolidation for new drywall without the use of an additional primer. It is an Eco-Sustainable paint product that is easy to use, provides excellent coverage, and can be applied to all types of interior surfaces.


    • Matte/flat sheen
    • Washable & oil/food/stain proof
    • Ideal for residential & commercial areas
    • No VOCs or solvents, Asthma-free & Hypoallergenic
    • Excellent coverage & high durability
    • Odorless & naturally mold-resistant due to high pH content
    • Meets highest standards in Material Health with C2C Silver Certification, A+ rating for French VOC Emissions, & passed CA1350
    • Low carbon footprint with a concentrated formula
    • No flashing like other mineral-based paints
    • Enhanced color, luminosity, depth, and beauty
    • Allows for best indoor air quality with negligible TVOC
    • Recommended for use in homes & offices

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  • Application

    The surface and base type determine the primer(s) to use. The base type is labeled on the front and back of the paint bucket. More details on how to properly prepare the surface or for special situations, see the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

    Pre-Painted Flat Or Matte Drywall, Wood, & Other Surfaces - No Primer Needed

    New Unpainted Drywall/Raw Unpainted Wood/Natural Stucco/Plaster/Absorbent Brick/Stone - No Primer Needed

    Pre-Painted Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss Or High Gloss Drywall, Wood, & Other Surfaces - BioGrip Micro Primer Needed

    Unabsorbent Or Glossy Brick - BioGrip Mico Primer Needed

    Portland Stucco/Concrete - EcoForte Consolidator as Pre-Primer and BioGrip Micro As Primer Needed

    EcoDomus Matte can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray like any traditional paint. You will want tape, drop cloths, ladders or other items to prepare the surface. Get a separate mixing bucket to dilute with water before usage.

    Domus Mineral Paints require water to be added prior to usage. Why?

    • Allows for a cleaner product by not having to add toxic stabilizers, and

    • Reduces our carbon footprint by up to 40%.

    Mixing with water or diluting the product with water is as simple as pouring the concentrated paint into a separate, clean mixing bucket; then adding the amount of water listed below (dilution rate), and using a paddle drill or a spatula to mix thoroughly. You should mix for 2 – 4 minutes until there is uniform consistency with no standing water. The dilution rate varies by base type (Transparent or White) or color selection. The base type is labeled on the front and back of the paint bucket.

    EcoDomus Matte Dilution Rate - 10% for Dark Colors, 25% for Lighter Colors

    Prime the Surface

    Properly prepare the surface and use the Recommended Primers for your surface type. More details can be found in the product TDS, or on the back of the bucket.

    Paint your Walls

    Start painting and give enough drying time in between coats, approximately 4 – 8 hours for EcoDomus Matte. Two coats are recommended for most applications.

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