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Romabio MediumGrip Primer, 15 Liter

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MediumGrip is an excellent one (1) coat non-acrylic fine/medium aggregate primer paint for interior and exterior surfaces. MediumGrip provides an anchor and consolidation coat for mineral paints, lime paints, silossanic paints, and slaked lime plasters, when they are being applied to portland cement surfaces and drywall. MediumGrip primer, as with all the Domus line mineral paints, is designed to be diluted with water, providing a paint applicator optimal ranges of dilution to adjust the paint’s thickness and density as per job site application may require. MediumGrip primer is formulated to adhere to all wood surfaces, interior and exterior, permitting application of specific Domus paints to be used in interior/ exterior finishes. MediumGrip, a potassium silicate paint, provides superior adhesion than typical acrylic or waterborne paints. Extreme durability in all environmental conditions and climates. MediumGrip can be used as a primer for virgin and painted drywall, new masonry stucco, masonry repairs, and as a decorative finish paint for wall and ceilings. MediumGrip is a fine/medium granulated potassium silicate paint that increases adhesion and durability.
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  • Versatile, Durable, & Long lasting
  • Organic, mineral primer paint that serves as a universal non-acrylic primer for interior and exterior surfaces.
  • A mineral primer made for extreme durability.
  • Primer with medium aggregate (sand size).
  • Excellent primer for painted drywall, portland cement, cementitious siding, and stucco.
  • Toxin-free and environmentally friendly.
More Information
Size15 Liter
Manufacturer Code62215

PREP Prepare and clean the surface. Wipe surface free of lose dirt or debris.

DILUTION Product must be diluted prior to application 20-30%

TOOLS Apply with a brush, roller, or an Textured sprayer

DRY TIME 8-12 Hours

TOUCH UPS Very flat finish. Easy and can be done at any time.


Coverage - Approximately 800 ft2 / 121 mt2 – 1,300 ft2 / 167 mt2 per 15-liter bucket diluted to instructions for a one (1) coat application. Applications on virgin surfaces will absorb more paint. On smooth and consolidated surfaces predict higher coverage.

15-liter - 800-1,300 ft2

2.5-liter - 130-215 ft2

1-liter - 55-85 ft2

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