Romabio BioGrip Micro Primer

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  • Romabio BioGrip Micro Primer

    by ROMABIO

    BioGrip Micro is an Organic, mineral primer paint that serves as a universal non-acrylic primer for interior and exterior surfaces. Its micro-fine aggregate makes it very versatile. It is an excellent primer for painted drywall, masonry repairs, & wood primer.


    • Flat finish
    • Superior durability & adhesion
    • Excellent for high traffic areas to maximize durability and longevity for finish paint
    • Ideal for residential & commercial
    • No VOCs or solvents, Asthma-free & Hypoallergenic
    • Odorless & naturally mold-resistant
    • Meets highest standards in Material Health with C2C Silver Certification, A+ rating for French VOC Emissions, & passed CA1350
    • Low carbon footprint with a concentrated formula
    • Recommended for homes, offices, hospitals, and schools
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    Mixing With Water: Allows for a cleaner product by not having to add toxic stabilizers, and Reduces our carbon footprint by up to 40%. Mixing with water or diluting the product with water is as simple as pouring the concentrated paint into a separate, clean mixing bucket, adding the amount of water listed below (dilution rate), then using a paddle drill or a spatula to mix thoroughly. You should mix for 2-4 minutes until there is uniform consistency with no standing water.

    BioGrip Micro Dilution Rate 10%

    Start painting and give enough drying time in between coats, approximately 4 – 8 hours for BioGrip Micro. One coat is recommended for most applications.

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