The Best Deck Paint Colors for 2024

Choosing a paint color for your deck is an exciting opportunity to highlight your landscaping while expressing your personal style. From traditional, natural browns to vibrant, modern hues, the possibilities are endless! You’ll want to consider the style of your home and choose colors that complement your home’s exterior paint, but that doesn’t mean your deck paint color must match your home exactly. A bold color choice (like dark gray) can be a great way to update the look of your home and add impact to your outdoor space.

Whether you’re working with a brand new deck or an older surface that needs a good color to help hide some wear, our experts are here with inspiration for your outdoor makeover!

Gray Decks

Shades of gray are this decade’s most popular home improvement trend. Since there’s a different shade to complement nearly every home exterior, gray may actually be the best deck paint color! It has taken over outdoor spaces as homeowners update their exteriors with every shade of gray, from warm greige to deep charcoal. This popular neutral color gives decks and patios a clean, modern and sophisticated look. It also coordinates beautifully with common exterior accents like a slate-colored roof, white trim, or a black front door.

Benjamin Moore Normandy

Light decking colors will reflect the sun’s rays and provide a cooler surface. While a white deck is hard to maintain, a pale shade of gray helps to hide soil that might be tracked across the deck.

Achieve this look for your porch using Benjamin Moore’s Woodluxe Solid Stain in Normandy on the floors and Woodluxe Solid Stain in Caliente on the Adirondack chairs.

Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray

Warm gray shades are the perfect complement to exterior finishes like stone, painted brick, and stained shingles.

Achieve this look for your porch using Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Porch Solid Platinum Gray with siding in Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Solid Normandy.

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray

Achieve this look with Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Solid Deck Stain in Chelsea Gray with wood shingles in Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Semi-Solid Deck Stain in Oxford Brown.

Coastal Deck Paint Colors

Coastal landscapes remind us of fresh, crisp colors like light blue, aqua green, navy, and white. These resort-inspired shades instantly give your deck a relaxed vibe.

Image courtesy of Nesting With Grace

Benjamin Moore Hudson Bay

Navy blue is one of today’s most popular interior colors so it’s not surprising to find it outdoors as well. In this creative deck design, crisp navy and white stripes are painted right onto the decking to give the illusion of an outdoor rug.

Want to try this on your deck? Check out Benjamin Moore’s Woodluxe Solid Stain Hudson Bay and Chantilly Lace for a perfect blue and white combination.

Benjamin Moore Imperial Gray

Soft grays with green undertones bring out the nature around them and help reflect the sun’s heat for a deck that’s cooler and more comfortable. Soft sage accents also have vintage appeal.

Achieve this look on your deck with Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Semi-Solid stain in Imperial Gray with a wooden table painted in Woodluxe Solid Ferndale Green.

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Light tan and oatmeal shades help to keep the deck surface cooler on hot days. Achieve this sand-inspired look on your deck with Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

Earth Tones & Classic Browns

Earth tones and natural wood looks never really go out of style, but the recent popularity of mid-century decor has put brown back on the list of deck color ideas. Dark brown deck colors provide more coverage and protection from UV rays and add sleek luxury. Choose a rich brown hue to help your deck blend into a wooded landscape, or a warm tan to complement brown and beige exterior paint colors.

Benjamin Moore Cordovan Brown

Chocolate brown adds warmth to this deck and evokes the look of dark, rich earth. It’s the perfect contrast for green surroundings. Achieve this aesthetic in your backyard with Woodluxe Semi-Solid Stain in Benjamin Moore’s Cordovan Brown.

Benjamin Moore Briarwood

The subtle gray undertones in this deck accomplish a smooth, modern feel. Achieve this aesthetic with Woodluxe Semi-Solid Stain in Benjamin Moore Briarwood.

Benjamin Moore Fairview Taupe

Fairview Taupe is the perfect color to freshen up this deck with a summery vibe. The light, earth-toned brown fends off heat to keep the outdoor living space cool and comfortable! 

Benjamin Moore Hunter Green

If you choose the right undertones, shades like sage green, hunter green, and deep black-green can help your deck blend into a lush green landscape. Get this look with Woodluxe Solid Stain.

Benjamin Moore Translucent Cedar

A translucent stain is an elegant choice for highlighting the beauty of a natural wood grain, and it pairs well with other earth-toned colors. For a modern look, add interest to natural color combinations with black accents. Achieve the aesthetic of this modern poolscape with Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Translucent Stain in Cedar paired with decking in Woodluxe Semi-Transparent Georgetown Gray.

Red Deck Paint

Red deck paint has been popular for decades; it’s a classic deck stain color that probably has roots in our American tradition of red-painted barns.

Benjamin Moore Barn Red

Barn Red is a great choice when you want a deck that stands out against neutral colors on your home’s exterior. Achieve this aesthetic with Woodluxe Solid Stain in Barn Red — for a bold but classic look in your outdoor living space.

Benjamin Moore Redwood Semi-Transparent

A dark, solid-color red will absorb heat, so if your deck surface gets a lot of direct sun, you may consider a semi-transparent stain can provide a more foot-friendly natural red tone. Woodluxe semi-transparent stain in Redwood ES-20 looks beautiful against the natural wood grain of redwood and cedar. 

Deck stained in Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Semi-Solid deck stain in Redwood ES-20

Benjamin Moore Redwood Solid

For a deeper autumnal style, try Redwood in a solid stain. This elegant blend of red and brown enhances warm hues from the natural wood while adding extra protection to your deck.

Accenting Your Deck with Stylish Colors

Color helps to brighten up a deck and lets you express your personal style. However, bright colors are not for everyone. Accent colors are a great way to add bold color to your deck without overdoing it.

Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold

The yellow porch ceiling on this covered deck creates year-round sunshine!  Achieve this look with a Woodluxe Solid Stain in Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold.The yellow porch ceiling on this covered deck creates year-round sunshine!  Achieve this look with a Woodluxe Solid Stain in Benjamin Moore Marblehead Gold.

Benjamin Moore Whale Gray

Your home’s siding can also serve as an accent wall for your deck decor. On this covered porch, the charcoal gray wall is a crisp contrast to the soft gray deck. Achieve this look with a home exterior painted in Benjamin Moore Whale Gray, paired with trim and railing painted in Benjamin Moore Distant Gray.

Benjamin Moore Black

Black has become such a popular interior paint color that it’s no wonder homeowners are using it outdoors too. Remember, dark colors absorb heat! Black is not the best color option for decks that get all-day sun, because they’ll be too hot to enjoy. That extra heat will also increase the load on your air conditioning unit. If you want a black paint job but you’re concerned about the heat, consider limiting it to an accent wall, railings, and framing. Achieve this look with Benjamin Moore Woodluxe Solid Stain in black paired with a Mahogany translucent stain.

Benjamin Moore Black (Semi-Solid)

Black looks very stylish on mid-century and modern homes, and blends nicely into wooded landscapes. The soft black on this home’s exterior — achieved with a semi-solid stain — creates contrast against the lighter deck stain, rattan chairs, and colorful pillows. Imitate this look by pairing Woodluxe Semi-Solid Stains in Benjamin Moore Mystic Gold HC-37 and Black HC-190.

Choosing the Right Deck Paint Product

While your deck may appear to be painted, it could actually be finished with a solid deck stain. Deck stain and paint look similar but there are significant differences between them.

Solid Deck Stain Vs. Deck Paint

Solid latex stain is a water-based product with high opacity that penetrates the wood to create a deep level of protection. It has the same smooth look as paint, but allows some wood grain to show through. Deck paint actually sits on top of wood as a surface coating that is formulated for restorative and non-slip benefits.

Because stain is absorbed into the wood, it is less likely to peel than paint. As the deck weathers over time, a stain will fade gradually, while a paint will eventually peel and chip because moisture and mildew can penetrate the wood.

Read Paint vs Stain: Choosing the Right Finish For Your Outdoor Deck for an in-depth look at these options.

Benjamin Moore’s Woodluxe solid stain combines the opaque look of paint with the penetration and durability of a stain, providing unmatched color variety (over 3,500 options!) while still allowing some of the wood’s texture to show through. Solid stains are suitable for all wood types, and are especially ideal for pressure-treated woods, or for covering over translucent stains for a new color scheme. If you have an older deck or wood that’s in poor condition, the rich matte finish provided by solid stain will add new life to your outdoor living space. It’s also perfect for painting wood furniture and for creating a painted effect on exterior siding.

Get Benjamin Moore Deck Stain Shipped Right to Your Door

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The longevity and quality of your finish are greatly impacted by matching the right product to your deck and environmental conditions, and doing the right prep work. For free expert advice about your project, chat with our team online or text us directly at (203) PRO-HELP.

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